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Hunting for Happiness

HUNTING FOR I THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESSE HAPPINESS Achievement is a major component of human happiness. In fact, it is one of Positive Psychology founder Dr. Martin Seligman's five essential pillars of happiness: Everybody finds joy in different places, but is there a way to measure the collective happiness of our world? By linking happiness to moments of achievement, we have gained unique insight into the moment-to-moment merriment of mobile users. Here, we explore the happenings of happiness. POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT POSITIVE MEANING ACHIEVEMENT EMOTION RELATIONSHIP Our brains' own neurotransmitter HERE'S HOW IT WORKS dopamine is converting achievement into happiness. Dopamine is created within the medulla and adrenal glands; it plays a major role in reward-based learning. Dopamine is stored in the brain until actions prompt its release to give us happiness. We set a goal for ourselves. Dopamine keeps us focused on achieving that goal. responsible for Therefore, if we can find achievement, we can find happiness. Using mobile software, we can record achievements in game play, and track That pleasure motivates us to achieve our goals again in the future. When the goal is reached, dopamine creates a feeling of pleasure and happiness. these moments around This is where Kiip rewards you. the world, gaining keen vision into patterns of happiness. PEAK HAPPINESS HOURS H Beginning at about 7 a.m. every day, people begin to power up their phones and catch up on their games and apps. This produces a rising wave of achievement and happiness that peaks around noon, the standard lunch break hour for most Americans: 75.73% 100% 100 LOWEST HAPPINESS HOUR 16.93% ++ +++ + 12 3 8 10 11 NOON 1 3 4 6 10 11 AM PM |SERENDIPITY BY STATE H Using locational data, we've been able to locate clusters of happy achievers all across America by how many blissful moments they experience each day. So if you're looking to make some new friends this year, consider trying one of the happiest states on the map below. HAPPINESS SCALE 50-59 60-69 70-89 80-89 90-100 ... 100 West Virginia scored the highest on the happiness scale at 100 points. 54 Washington D.C. scored the lowest on the happiness scale at 54 points. THE GROWTH OF GLEE H It is possible that people have been happier in the last year, or maybe we've just gotten better at tracking it. Either way, we've seen a huge rise in the number of happy moments from mobile users. GLOBAL ACHIEVEMENT MOMENTS IN MILLIONS IN JUNE, WE HAD 93,695,923 MOMENTS 200 That's 3,123,197 moments per day That's 130,133 100 moments per hour That's 2,1687 moments per minute 47.9 MILLION 110 MILLION 134 189 MILLION MILLION That's 36 moments per second 130% 22% 40% Q3 2011 Q4 2011 Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Our achievers come from all walks of life shown by our diverse network of content publishers. Currently our network is comprised of the following game categories: 15.5% Puzzle 6.8% | Board 5.3% | Family 6.4% Adventure 4.5% Sports 14.3% Action 13.2% Arcade 4.2% | Kids 2.6% 2.3% Trivia Word ......2.3% Role Play 3.4% 3.0% 7.6% Fitness Education Social Networking 1.9% 1.5% Simulation 2.6% | Strategy Racing 1.5% Card 75% Casino .38% | Music (küip) SOURCE: KIIP.COM HAPPINESS MOMENTS IN %

Hunting for Happiness

shared by Ariela on Oct 02
When it comes to goals and achievement, we humans work in a particular way. We set a goal for ourselves, and when we reach it, dopamine is released and we experience feelings of happiness. Given this,...



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