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HOW TO EMBRACE THE DANISH ART OF HYGGE AND ENJOY AN EXTRA £85,000 A YEAR THE STATE OF HAPPINESS IN THE UK The UK ranks a lowly 19th in the World Happiness Report (2017) whereas Denmark have consistently been in the top three ever since the report began (and been #1 three times!). In fact, the current Top 5 looks like this: 1 NORWAY 2 DENMARK 3 ICELAND 4 SWITZERLAND 5 FINLAND So it begs the question: What are the Scandinavian countries doing right? One word... HYGGE Pronounced "hoo-gah" A Danish word, descending from the Norwegian word for "well-being", but its translation is a little more complex than that. Other ways to explain it include: Cocoa by Candlelight The Cosiness of the Soul A Form of Every Day Togetherness The Absence of Annoyance "You know Hygge when you feel it. It is when you are cuddled a sofa with a loved one, or comfort food up.on sharing with your closest friends. It's those Crisp blue mornings when the light through window is just right." your Meik Wiking, author The Little Book of Hygge; The Danish Way to Live Well HOW DOES THE UK LIFESTYLE COMPARE TO DENMARK'S? Based on the OECD's Better Life Index, let's see how the UK shapes up against Denmark (scores are marked out of ten). United Kingdom Denmark Pop. 62.6 million Pop. 5.6 million 0/10 10/10 Work-Life Balance 6.6 9.1 Earnings & Job Security 7.8 8.5 Community Support 7.8 8.7 Education 6.4 8.2 Environment 7.9 8.7 Life Satisfaction 6.0 9.7 Population Density 260 people / km² 130 people / km² Diet & Cuisine According to the Oxfam Global Food Index (based on affordability, quality, healthiness & availability) Denmark Ranked #4 UK Ranked #13 On Your Bike % of people who cycle to work (London vs. Copenhagen) 3.9% 35% HOW TO GET THAT HYGGE FEELING... With Hygge being more of a feeling than a tangible thing, there are some really easy, cheap (or even free!) ways to get your Hygge on: Eat Sweets Drink a Cup of Tea Danes eat around 8.2kg Hot drinks are what each (compared to 4.1kg for other Europeans). 86% of Danes associate with Hygge. Light Some Candles 28% of Danes light candles every Take a Long Walk "There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing" – Wainwright. single day. Enjoy the Small Things Use the opportunity to Pop Some Bubble Wrap It releases muscle register useful experiences tension and reduces and learn from them. stress. Press That Little Get Your Friends Button on the Jam Lid Over for Cake Cake = Hyggeligt (Cosy) Carrot Sticks = Nope Go on... take a minute. Роp, pop, ро... Play a Board Game 57% of Danes say that the best number of people for Hygge is three to four. TV Night Get your friends over, cosy up under a blanket and watch your favourite show. Make a Fire Play The slow process (with We are happiest when some accompanying food) is so Hygge it hurts! involved in leisure activities (source: Princetown University) HOW TO HYGGE LIKE A PRO Learn the Lingo Kalsarikannit cal-sar-y-cuhn-eet "The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out" Lagom law-gum "Just the right amount. Not minimalism, not hoarding – living with just enough" Fredagshygge fred-a-shooga "Hygge you have on Friday after a long week. Usually means the family curling up on the couch together watching TV" Sondashygge sun-da-shooga "Is about having a slow day with tea, books, music, blankets, and perhaps the occasional walk if things go crazy" Hyggebusker hoo-ga-buck-sr "That one pair of pants you would never wear in public but are so comfortable that they are likely to be, secretly, your favourite" AND WHAT ABOUT THAT £85,000? Well... according to the World Happiness Report: "While basic living standards are essential for happiness, after the baseline has been met, happiness varies more with quality of human relationships than income" But to quantify that, a UK study estimated that an increase in social involvement may produce an increase in life satisfaction equivalent to an extra £85,000 a year. Sources,,, Brought to you by: PRINCIPAL HOMEBUYERS With Special Thanks to: WIKING, M., The Little Book of Hygge; The Danish Way to Live Well. 2nd ed; Penguin Life, 2016.

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The Scandinavian countries have always been near the top of the list in world happiness report every year. So it begs the question; what are the Scandinavian countries doing? One word… Hygge. If yo...


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