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How Your Watch Will Save Your Life?

HOW YOUR WATCH WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE Health care apps currently account for 4% of all apps on the market, but that figure is set to explode with the advent of wearable tech and, in particular, smart watches. This new front of innovation is seeing leading medical research organisations team up with giants of the tech world to realise a future where smartwatches could, quite literally, save your life. Although this may seem futuristic to some, the examples given here are taken from existing technologies that either require refinement or further integration. By 2020 your watch will be able to monitor: Your vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure Your blood by using non-invasive technology to: • Check blood oxygen levels • Listen to your blood flow to check for clots and blockages Detect signs of Illness or disease Your stress levels by checking electrodermal activity Your sleep patterns Your watch will be your early warning system Smart watches are fast moving towards a future where they will be able to tell you of any immediate or underlying health issues before you even had an inkling there was a problem. Examples of what your watch is expected to be able to do include: Let wearers monitor their blood sugar levels Alert wearers to possible oncoming heart attacks and strokes Help epileptics better understand and avoid trigger points. Let you know that you should see a doctor and be checked out Your watch will help in an emergency In times of need your watch will: + Alert a friend Call the emergency Make sure a loved one services knows of your plight Giving them all of the information on: What's happened Exactly where you are (through GPS tracking). • All of the relevant data leading up to the problem Your watch will help with diagnosis and treatment Your watch can give all the data it has collected to your doctor. This will give your doctor a complete picture of your lifestyle and physical condition. This will help your doctor: Diagnose illness Create a bespoke treatment plan Identify trigger points for your condition Your watch will help monitor aftercare If you're taking your medicine You may lie But your watch (-D If you're exercising like you said you would will know If you're suffering any side effects it If you're avoiding trigger points .---. How your watch could help medical research Smartwatch Annual Sales Forecast $100,000,000 $90,000,000 $80,000,000 $70,000,000 $60,000,000 $50,000,000 $40,000,000 $30,000,000 $20,000,000 $10,000,000 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 It is estimated that, by 2018, 91 million smartwatches will have been sold. Many of these watches will be monitoring and tracking their wearers' health. This data can then be used to better understand: • Infection outbreaks • The reasons people develop serious illness Triggers for chronic diseases and conditions WHERE WE ARE NOW The watches and apps that are already helping Smart Watches 12:05 A 59 回 一 The Apple Watch Last but certainly not least is the Apple Watch itself, which is clearly designed with the health conscious in mind. It will monitor how much time you spend walking, running and standing. When you run you can learn your elapsed time, SmartWatch The LG Urbane Arguably the most stylish Android smartwatch, the LG The SmartWatch (made by SmartMonitor) is designed to support and protect people who suffer with conditions such as Urbane is compatible with a host of health apps in the Android market. The watch epilepsy. Its features include alerting caregivers and loved ones in case of abnormal contains an optical heart rate sensor to give an accurate and continuous pulse measurement. It is also integrated with Google movement, giving the wearer's distance ran and calories burnt. location. The watch can also It will also be checking that you have hit your recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day. provide data for clinicians. Fit. Top health and fitness apps STRAVA DEXCOM G4 endomondo PLATINUM Dexcom G4® Endomondo Strava This app provides detailed segment analysis of your work out. For those looking for a little more PLATINUM System Available for IOS and Android, this app gives at a glance information on the wearer's heart rate, distance The Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system is a glimpse into the future of diabetes management. The app displays data from a small receiver just under the encouragement, the app awards you with a trophy should you set a personal record. ran and duration of a workout. This app also comes with a vast number of other monitoring features to track your training. skin. This enables users to accurately monitor their glucose levels, receive alerts when their blood sugar dips and share information with their doctor. 8:00 Pill Monitor Deadline An app that does what it says on the tin. Pill Monitor helps wearers manage their medication, providing: reminders, app stores pictures of pills to help those who have a complicated pill regimen, lists of side-effects and the ability to email pill logs directly to your doctor. For those of you who really need the motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle, Deadline will provide it. This app predicts when you are going to die based on your lifestyle and health data. Sources brought to you by WATCHES2U}

How Your Watch Will Save Your Life?

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The release of the Apple Watch has reenergized the conversation around wearable tech and the impact it could have in the future. One of the fields most interested in the potential benefits of wearable...


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