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How to Tell More About a Man's Life by Looking at Their Apartment?

Evolution of a Single Guy's Apartment You can tell a lot about a man by the apartment he keeps. Read on to explore the progression of a typical male's home dwelling through various stages of his life. IFURNITURE The Single Man Foraging alone, The Single Man obtains his secondhand furniture from the online classified site, Gregslist. A second or thirdhand sofa, a mattress on the floor and a lil Forbroz odor eliminator is all he needs to make his apartment hospitable. Man With Girlfriend Entering the first phase of domestic living, Man With Girlfriend and his new mate will venture to a new frontier: Fürni, the Swedish furniture A regularly-made bed and the appearance of a dining room table will now enter his apartment. Temporary solutions like Amazon boxes and broken DVD players will no longer serve as "furniture'. sto FÜRNI Married Man After perusing dozens of catalogs, Married Man must engage his political side to campaign for his favorite sofa to family and friends. When the dust settles, Married Man finally has a home full of furniture to make other married couples feel inadequate. Man With Kids In his fully domesticated state, Man With Kids has given up hope of trying to maintain nice furniture; his offspring will inevitably destroy it. He'll eventually put his tattered and stained furnishings on Gregslist, only to be purchased by The Single Man, thus completing the cycle. DECORATION The Single Man mountains of dirty laundry discarded heaps of pizza boxes clutter He's cleared pathways to navigate from his sofa to the kitchen and ensured a clear view of his 60" HDTV set. Posters from films like "Scarface" and 'Fight Club" are hung as if they're meant to last forever. Man With Girlfriend Strange new items have entered his apartment: potted plants, dinnerware sets and, most baffling of all, a wide assortment of hand towels. His apartment also smells substantially better. Married Man His ecosystem is entirely filled with items he didn't know existed: throw pillows, scented candles and a French coffee press. He aspires to furnish his home with the holy grail of domesticated living: the kitchen island. Man With Kids His entertainment center, now six years behind the times, is used primarily for his children to watch the same three CGI cartoons about talking trains. He only uses the TV in the background at night – muted, of course (can't wake his kids!) – while he and his wife hunch over laptops in an attempt to feverishly devour a day's worth of social media in an hour and a half. IFOOD The Single Man Man With Girlfriend He's replaced that pint of beer Pizza will provide all the nourishment he needs in all the with a kale shake. He won't be nutritional food groups. Pizza: It's science! having fries; he'll take the quinoa instead with his veggie burger. His girlfriend is on a new diet, and she's taking him along. Deciding what to eat has gone from taking five minutes a day to several hours of negotiation and brainstorming. Crust = Grains Pineapple Topping = Fruits Cheese = Dairy Sausage and Pepperoni = Meat Tomato Sauce = Vegetables Married Man Man With Kids Deciding what to eat now consumes the entire day – including meal times. The Married Man is He's a human garbage disposal, secretly eating whatever the kids don't finish subjected to bizarre meal because of both his unending diet and his kids' finicky palates. planning app experimentations and stays up late on the weekend to play with his new favorite toy: the smoker. ICLEANING The Single Man Man With Girlfriend The apartment may appear cleaner, but the bathroom is out of control. Instead of just a razor and toothbrush, he now has half of the local drugstore in 10 square feet. All cleaning is done 30 minutes before a girl comes over... with lots of Forbroz. Married Man Chores have become a Cold War. Whoever blinks first has to do them. Luckily, Married Man has practice in this arena. Man With Kids The #1 benefit of having children: He can delegate emptying the dishwasher, mowing the lawn and replacing the toilet paper roll under the guise of developing work ethic. All chores are done 30 minutes before Mom and Dad come home. Source: NATION'S LEADING APARTMENT RESOURCE mmForBRO entrance m ForBROZ ONT

How to Tell More About a Man's Life by Looking at Their Apartment?

shared by archaznable01 on May 04
People say that you can tell about what's going on in a man's life by looking at their apartment and this is the complete truth. Don't believe me? Take a look at the following infographic, which captu...




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