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How Steve Jobs Started

HOW STEVE JOBS STARTED The Life of Apple's Founder by Anna Vital born and adopted 1955 tinkering with electronics college dropout going spiritual starting Apple being fired 2011 İCEO is back end of path tech revolution cancer battle (Abdulfattah) (Joanne) student from Syria dates fellow student (Paul) (Clara) (Steve) adopted at birth by mechanic and accountant Joanne is pregnant gives baby up for adoption born in San Francisco his biological parents married months later learns electronics learns to read with mom tinkering from dad before starting school (Woz) goes to college meets pranks school peers Steve Wozniak drops in on creative classes drops out couchsurfs,eats free meals at the Hare Krishna temple starts practicing Zen Buddhism goes to India ashram, ashram is closed, finds another returns home, tries psychedelics Aha! gets old job back at Atari makes first big money with Woz's illegal "Bluebox" for free long-distance calls realizes he can beat big companies HOMEBREW asks sister to help assemble computers starts Apple Computer Company in garage attends computer club where Woz gets inspired to build computers (Woz) (Wayne) sells Apple I has daughter Lisa, denies paternity creates Apple Lisa computer (Sulley) gets fired from Apple by the CEO he hired spends $1 Million on "1984" commercial for Macintosh sees Xerox's graphical user interface, decides it's the future tries to be an astronaut starts NeXT considers starting a computer company in the Soviet Union and gets rejected computer company sits next to woman in class knows he'll marry her buys George Lucas' computer graphics starts Pixar with animation Toy Story sells Pixar to Disney sells NEXT to Apple becomes Apple's CEO one more thing diagnosed with cancer launches tech revolutions with iMac, iPod; later iPhone, and iPad meets Jony Ive, his "spiritual partner at Apple" refuses to have surgery (for 9 months) gets a liver transplant resigns dies works until the day before he dies Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Fe1 based on Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs and The New York Times Funders and Founders

How Steve Jobs Started

shared by stephanieivania on Sep 12
This infographic follows the life of Apple's founder, Steve Jobs.


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