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How Safe is Your City?

How Safe Is Your City? Most Dangerous Cities: Violent Crimes United States crime was on the decline in 2011, but that doesn't necessarily mean the same thing for all cities. Find out how your city stacks up with our recent data compiled from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program. 1. Saint Louis, Missouri 2. Flint, Michigan 3. Detroit, Michigan 4. Memphis, Tennessee 5. Little Rock, Arkansas 6. Baltimore, Maryland 7. Rockford, Illinois 8. Atlanta, Georgia 9. New Haven, Connecticut 10. Stockton, California Breakdown: Types of Violent Crime Cities are subject to several types of violent crimes. When an offender threatens or uses violent force upon their victim, it is considered a violent crime. This includes both violent acts and violence as a means to an end (such as robbery.) 5% Aggravated Assult Forcible Rape 61% 34% Robbery Murder In Flint, Michigan there is a 1 in 166 chance of aggravated assult. In Bridgeport, Connecticut there is a 1 in 1,677 chance of forcible rape. In Cleveland, Ohio there is a 1 in 297 chance of robbery. In New Orleans, Louisiana there is a 1 in 3,275 of murder. Most Dangerous Cities: Rape 1. Bridgeport, Connecticut 2. Little Rock, Arkansas 3. Anchorage, Alaska 4. Cleveland, Ohio 5. Minneapolis, Minnesota 6. Springfield, Illinois 7. Lansing, Michigan 1 in 8. Jackson, Mississippi 9. Akron, Ohio 10. Tyler, Texas Women will face sexual assult in their life Women have a 17.6% chance of being sexually assaulted in their lifetime. According to the U.S. Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey, there is an average of 207,754 rape victims each year. That adds up to an alarming 1 rape every 2 minutes. Most CAR THEFT Chicago, IL 10,154 Los Angeles, CA 8,704 Houston, TX 5,686 New York, NY 5,305 Phoenix, AZ 4,270 According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, a motor vehicle was stolen in the United States every 40 seconds. The odds of a vehicle being stolen were 1 in 270 in 2010. While Chicago, IL had the most auto thefts, Fresno, CA had the highest per capita. Most BURGLARIES Per Capita 1. Jackson, MS 2. Flint, MI 6. Saint Louis, MO 7. Vallejo, CA 8. Cincinnati, OH 9. Dayton, OH 3. Toledo, OH 4. Little Rock, AR 5. Cleveland, OH 10. Winston-Salem, NC REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 5. 4.

How Safe is Your City?

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Different areas in the U.S. present more dangers than others. Whether it's violent crimes, car theft, burglaries, etc. know which states have record-high numbers for each type of crime.


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