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How to Party: You Look Like You Could Use a Few Pointers

You Look Like You Could Use a Few Pointers Whether you're throwing a party or attending one, maybe you think you already know how to party. We'll see about that. Drinks Iron Maiden once spent 20,109 Euro on drinks in a night. Until you're a rockstar, go with these: LO.C. Cheap beer (or craft beer, if you're spendy, (liquor of choice) Mixers (soda, orange juice, cranberry juice) WATER Quick Booze Math 6.88 cases =165.12 beers 1 keg x24 beers/case 4 out of 5 Are you a binge drinker? In 2 hours, 5+ drinks for men is a binge; it's 4+ for women college students drink don't forget the plastic cups. Food Pick one or several. Or puke a lot. Delivery pizza pssst -- disposable plates! Epic 6-foot sub sandwich Mac Chee Instant mac & cheese Frozen grocery store pizza 24-hour diner trip Fruits and Veggies? Male college students eat Females are (with designated driver worse, at 5 servings of produce per week. per week. 4 servings You're supposed to get 35 servings per week. or in a cab, please) Ouch. Friends Maybe you came with friends. How to Look (and Feel) Approachable: Maybe you're too cool for friends. (LIAR) Ask questions about the person you're talking to Make eye contact Uncross your arms and legs Stand up straight Take notice of the body language How Not to Look Cor Fee) Approachable: of others Lean into others when talking Add "Don't"s to all the points. Magic! Decor WTF is this, the prom planning committee? All you need are empty cans and the lightweights asleep on your couch. Wait, decor? Ta-dal If you must, throw in a strobe light. Soundtrack Play what you want, except. Andrew WK tweeted, "Music is proof that life is meant to feel good." Avoid Top 40. Country, jazz and classical are probably also ill-advised. Actually, there's always gonna be that one guy who boos every song, Don't Google "best music for a party." If you bust out with the Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" people will probably leave. so kick him out and you're good. Drugs Get your stuff tested Use your head. And keep your friends close. (at-home kit or a station at a rave) to make sure it is what you think it is That said... 1 in 1,000 Risk Comparison of Common Drugs* hang gliding, hypothermia, asbestos risk of death Alcohol 1 in 10,000 fighting sports, meningitis, falling down the stairs Ecstasy risk of death 1 in 1 mil LSD & mushrooms jogging, food allergies, falling out of bed risk of death 1 in 10 mil playgrounds, toxic shock syndrome, risk of death Weed sex Ketamine, khat, nitrous and DMT 1 in 100 mil masturbation, smallpox, spontaneous combustion risk of death *Based on a 1998 UK study of chances of death for various activities. Sex Yes, having sex on someone's parents' bed (especially your own parents') is gross. Be wary of the host's bed, too... Maybe sneak behind the bushes -- but check for vom first! If you're too drunk to remember protection, you're too drunk to @&$#, and way too drunk to be a parent. So nearly half of those people were sober? 1 in 4 surveyed students were drunk last time they got freaky. Nearly 1 in 2 didn't use protection. Safety Don't go home alone. At 0.15 BAC And don't drive if you're drunk or on drugs.. (about 2x the legal limit) you are 200x Even at legal limit 0.8 BAC, more likely to crash. 10X more likely than sober. About 1 in 5 Don't call/text your ex college students has driven drunk. or that person you kinda like, or your parents. Social safety is important, too. Trust your instincts. If someone seems pretty ill, consider the hospital. They might be okay... or not. If you're uncomfortable, leave (with a friend). There'll be other parties. Recovery Hangovers. Ugh. Fight the beer belly: hit the gym. Eat a meal and train your drunk self to drink lots of water. If you slept with the wrong person or slept with the person you hit or hit the wrong person ... be adult about it and live to party another day. Top 5 Colleges to Aim For Top 5 Colleges to Avoid (If You Wanna Party) Penn State Ohio University University Wheaton College US. Coast Guard BYU Academy University of Georgia US Air Force Academy West Virginia University University of Wesleyan College Mississippi If your grades or job are suffering, slow down. Partying is about enjoying life, not Screwing it up! PROVIDED BY: BESTCOLLEGESONLINE.ORG SOURCES:

How to Party: You Look Like You Could Use a Few Pointers

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Whether you're throwing a party or attending one, maybe you think you already know how to party. We'll see about that.


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