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How Much is Your Dad Worth?

How much is your DAD worth? Who deserves to sit at the head of Britain's families? The number of women who are main As we celebrate Father's Day we look at whether the idea of the male Do men still dominate as the breadwinner? earners in their family has increased by 80% in the last 15 years. breadwinner still holds true. Who controls the purse strings and how long could a family survive without them? Dads are the bread winners in 80% How do they feel about those roles? increase 69% 70% of women believe their partner is happy in the role of house husband/stay at home dad. Which gender is earning more?v of couples 70% Almost 3 times more women than men earn under the £10,000 (2014/2014 personal allowance) personal tax threshold: However, 6% of women revealed that they resent the fact that they earn less than their partner 6% 10% of men who earn less than their partner, still tell others they earn more. 10% Who are the savvy savers? Household costs Women are earning on average 15%% Men save an Women save an average of £87 per month Cost Annual total Household running costs (including £9,590 mortgage payments, maintenance costs and utility bills) average of £134 per month Tess 3.276m Women Cost of raising a child x2 (including food, £7,400 transport and other vital expenses) Cost of running a car 1.21m Men £3,500 £2,652 £4,792 £5,000 £32,000 €134 £87 Savings 2-week holiday Family grocery bill Total How long would UK families lāst using their financial safety net? Household running costs (including maintenance costeng m Family grocery bill What is the financial impact of losing a breadwinner? Average family costs based on two adults and two school age children Nine million households have Cost of raising a child xs (inc ses) ansport and other vital e less than £250 set aside as a safety net in the event of redundancy Cost of running a car Monthly spend v £1,5000 On average, men would be able to live off their savings pots for over a year, women would last less than seven months Mon Thu Dec Nov Based on a monthly spend of £1,500 this would last them no longer than 5 days Se ŠMART Infographic by SMART Insurance insurance Sources:, ner-soars.html,, http:/ women-do-not-earn-enough-benefit-latest personal,,, http://bsa-3o.natcen. acukiread-the-report/gender-ralesfattitudes-to-gender-roles-change-over-time.asps, http:/, http://www.loydkbankinggroup. com/Media/Press-Releases/2012-Press-Releases/Lloyds-BankMoney-mummies-are-taking-control-of-the-famly-purse strings, http:/ wverage-home htmi, html, makes-Britain-expensive-place-run-car.html,, hold-grocery-bills-up-Bso-by-2018.html, h article-asosjaa/Almost-gm-households-wouldrt-week-savings.html ons.govukionsreliachelannual-survey-of-hours-and-earnings/z03a-orovisional-resultsistb-ashe-statistical-bulletin-2012 r2013 html, mmt htp//www. huding food, Savings Wed

How Much is Your Dad Worth?

shared by graya12 on Jun 13
Is the man still the bread winner in the modern day home? If so how much is the bread winner worth? How much does the family rely on the bread winner?


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