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How Much Water Is Your House Wasting?

How much wateris your home wasting? Why Conserve Water? While fresh water is a renewable resource, the world's supply of clean, usable water is decreasing faster than it can be replenished. Frozen (Glaciers/Polar Ice Caps) Available for Human Consumption Salt Water Fresh Water Only 1% of all water is fit for human consumption! 970% Of that 3%, over 2/3 is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps, leaving less than 1% readily available for human consumption. Although over 70% of the earth's surface is water, 97% of that water is saline (salt water), leaving a mere 3% for fresh water. Save Money and Water with Low-Flow Fixtures and Appliances An average US family uses 127,000 gallons of water per year! Low-flow appliances and fixtures can help reduce that number. FAUCET WASHING MACHINE SHOWER HEAD TOILET If the faucet is run for 4 minutes a day... If you do just 2 loads every week.. If a toilet is flushed 15 times per day. If every other day you took a 15 min shower.. Normal Fixture 4,000 gal/yr 5,000 gal/yr 19,000 gal/yr 33,000 gal/yr Low-flow Fixture 3,000 gal/yr 3,000 gal/yr 7,000 gal/yr 9,000 gal/yr A water-saving faucet would save over 1,000 gallons of water per year! A water-saving washer would save over 2,000 gallons of water A water-saving shower head would save over 12,000 gallons per year per person! A water-saving toilet would save over 24,000 gallons of water per year! per year! Savings on water bill: Savings on water bill: Savings on water bill: Savings on water bill: 1-2%* 2-5% 9-12%* 15-18% *depending on location Total Savings per Household If all US households installed water-saving fixtures and appliances, it would save: 40,000 gal/yr All US Households per household 5.4 million gal/day! %D which is worth 11.3 million dollars! Savings on water bill: 30% In just one year, this amounts to 2 trillion gallons of water saved, $4 billion dollars! which is worth over SOURCES Live Local - Search Local - eLocal"

How Much Water Is Your House Wasting?

shared by maggie on May 13
You turn the faucet on to soak some dishes in the sink and keep it running while you clean up the counter. You take long showers and let the water run before you jump in. There are many ways you could...




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