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How much Sleep

HOW MUCH SLEEP SHOULD WE BE GETTING AT DIFFERENT LIFE STAGES? REQUIRED SLEEP TIME VARIES PERSON-TO-PERSON, BELOW ARE AVERAGE NUMBER OF HOURS REQUIRED AT DIFFERENT STAGES OF LIFE. NEWBORNS 16 TO 18 HOURS Up to two months of age, newborns sleep for shorter time frames because they wake to feed. Their brain is unable to regulate sleep yet. DAILY INFANTS 13 TO 16 HOURS Younger babies will sleep more throughout the day. By six months, the part of their brain that regulates sleep is developing and they should sleep more often and may wake only to eat. DAILY TODDLERS 12 TO 14 HOURS Toddlers often want to stay awake to be with their parents. They should go to sleep at similar times every day, with scheduled naps or quiet time to prevent DAILY overtiredness. PRESCHOOLERS 11 TO 13 need naps if they get HOURS Preschoolers may not enough sleep overnight. A proper amount of sleep can give them more energy, help their behavior and DAILY metabolism. SCHOOL CHILDREN 10 TO 11 HOURS Poor sleep can affect a child's mood and PRE-TEENS & TEENAGERS 8.5 TO 10 HOURS learning abilities. Proper sleep habits as children can lead DAILY to good sleep habits as adults. A lack of sleep in pre-teens and teenagers can lead to sleep disorders, attention problems, a slower response time, and irritability. DAILY ADULTS (18+) 7.5 TO 9 HOURS As we age, our sleep shift. Sleep problems can be caused by stress, caffeine, and environment. A proper DAILY sleep schedule can improve memory, concentration, functionality, and help repair the patterns immune system. SENIORS 7.5 TO 8.5 HOURS DAILY Seniors may find they require less sleep as they age. They may sleep more often and for shorter periods. A lack of sleep can lead to short-term memory loss, reaction times, and a weakened immune system. Sources:

How much Sleep

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This is based on the amount of sleep humans need to get at certain stages of their lives.


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