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How Much Money You Save By Having A Mum

HOW M UCH M ONEY Υου SAVΕ ΒYΗ AVI NG A Mum We all know Mums wear a lot of hats. But how much money would you spend per month on these services if your mum didn't do them for you? Please Note: NOT ALL MUM S COME WITH THESE FEATUR ES. BUT TH AT'S OK. SOME M UMS COME WITH BETT ER ONES! Chef 1. £2,300 Secretary Event Planner £1,930 £12.50 CAlarm Clock 3 £35 Therapist £520 Chauffeur £2,040 Referee £8,750 Tailor" £30 Maid o Dog Walker " 10 £1,820 £270 Personal Shopper 14 £240 Jutor Photographer £160 Nurse 5 £50 £2,510 Jotal Monthly Savings: £z0,667.50 'Mid-range salary for an experienced sous chef is £28,000 a year. ?Many event management companies charge a percentage of the total cost (12.5% in this case). Thrifty mums probably don't spend more than £100 a month on birthday parties and other family celebrations. _management/price list.php#price1 link OK, we admit it, this is a one-time cost, not a monthly one. And yes, you can probably find clocks for cheaper. 1236693/ "They bring in about £23,177 a year. * As of 2013, nurses make £30,148 a year. Title=nurse "Referees earn an annual retainer of £33,000 plus £500 for each match. We're making the (modest) estimate that mums mediate roughly three bouts a week. "Therapists charge in the range of £50 – £80 an hour. Two hours a week of motherly counselling sound about right? 000479.htm 8It is possible to get them for £50 an hour. But the prints are extra. childrens-party-ealing-west-london/photographer-children-party-ealing-west-london-prices php Chauffeurs' rates can range from £35 – £50 an hour ( Plus Brits spend about 12 hours a week in the car ( 10In 2013, a housekeeper's annual salary is roughly £21,808. catering/housekeeper?jobTitle=maid 11Service rates vary from £5 – £15. Hopefully you don't need more than three items mended in a month. 12That's two walks a day at £4.50 per walk. 13Depending on the grade level, you'll usually be in the £20 an hour range. Conservatively, we'll guess your Mum spends just two hours a week on teaching. fees.html 14For one company, shopping for two or more people comes to £120 an hour. http://www.talkingimage

How Much Money You Save By Having A Mum

shared by QuickQuid on Mar 04
Having a Mum can save you loads of money each year. She makes sure your clothes are tailored, food is cooked and room is clean. Check out our latest infographic to see how much money she's saving you...







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