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How Much is a Child's Identity Worth?

IDENTITY GUARD. HOW MUCHIS A CHILD'SIDENTITY WORTH? V$12,779 1. THE ISSUE Average debt incurred by child ID theft victims 142,000 Reported child ID theft cases annually children 1+ MILLION adults Families whose children have been exposed by Children have a HIGHER ID theft attack rate than adults data breaches 51% The average ID theft victim is still in elementary school! An estimated Hello 80% of ID thefts A Child's Fraudster's Adult's Birthdate & are synthetic SSN Name Address Synthetic ID Protect A Child's Information Parents should be cautious about giving out their child's SSN for school and medical forms, dentists, and sports. 2. WARNING SIGNS A minor receives The child receives pre-approved credit offers calls or billing statements from collection agencies, creditors or government gencies (including the IRS) Warnings Identity may have. been stolen if these things occur You are unable to They are denied open a bank account in their name because credit, employment, a driver's license or college one already exists. enrollment for unknown or with the same SSN credit-related reasons. According to a 2010 SSA study... O 80% OF STATES failed to have data retention policies and. are likely to hold the students' information. indefinitely 7 STATES 16 STATES 26 STATES collect students' SSNS. require that k-12. schools obtain students' warehouse childrens' SSNS. even though it is not required by law SSNS by law 3. QUICK TIPS Who? ASK WHO Who is going to have access to the information? Why? ASK WHY Why do they need a Social Security number? Can another number be used? Is it required by law? When? ASK WHEN When will the information be removed from active records? How will they be discarded? How? ASK HOW How is the information going to be protected? How does the organization track use of the information? 4. BE A TRUE "GUARDIAN" Protect Like Cash As a parent, you should think of your child's personal information as cash. Think about who you are Monitor for Red Flags There are services like giving it to and for what purpose kID SureM from IDENTITY GUARD® that helps Use a Shredder parents track the use of a child's SSN Some mail, like medical or investment documents for your child, contains sensitive information, and shredding greatly reduces the risk of its exposure 900000000

How Much is a Child's Identity Worth?

shared by IdentityGuard on Nov 08
A child’s clean credit record provides an identity thief with the means to open credit accounts in the child’s name, and to use the child’s Social Security number to secure employment or even re...


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