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How to keep kids safe on social media

chose f kık- 2 FAIR PRICE COMPARISON HOW TO KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA USE PRIVACY SETTINGS 1 PUBLIC ACCOUNT: PRIVATE OR PRIVATE POSTS: Facebook and some other social Setting the account to private means only approved friends will platforms allo you to choose who can see what your child posts. Set be able to see information about these to 'friends only' or even 'only your child. me' if you want to keep their activity to yourself. 3 LOCATION: Disable location tagging as often as you can. Many social apps now have geolocation, in some cases narrowing down the user's location to within a very small area. Turn it off wherever you can. 4 FRIEND REQUESTS: Help your child to understand how important it is they don't accept or request to be friends with anyone they don't personally know. Many social platforms give users access to all the person's details the minute they accept a friend request, so encourage them to ignore any dubious contact. TALK ABOUT ETIQUETTE 1 OVER SHARING: 2 PERMA-DRAMA: Giving away too much about their location, what they're doing and who they're with can put children in a vulnerable position. Even if When your child and their friends are online, it can lead to a blow up of arguments, resulting in snarky, potentially hateful comments. Remind your child that what they don't jeopardise themselves directly, giving away clues as to when your home is unoccupied could have serious repercussions for happens online, stays online, and possibly forever. Point out how this could lead to issues getting into college, getting a job or even simply making friends in future. the whole family. TRUST: Don't water down the problem with trusting people they meet online. Point out that anyone could pretend to be someone else, and don't be afraid to frighten them in regard to the dangers of meeting up with people they don't know. 4 FAKE NEWS: Talk to them about fake news, and not just fake public affairs. Discuss body image, airbrushing, FAKE cosmetic surgery and photographic filters. It's important they understand the lifestyles they see in Instagram and on Facebook are not really like that at all. chose For more information: FAIR PRICE COMPARISON

How to keep kids safe on social media

shared by wursti on Mar 06
This infographic reveals tips parents can use to help keep their children from harm when using facebook, snapchat, kik, instagram and other social media apps. We cover information on how to use priva...


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