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How to install curtains

CURTAIN INSTALLATION Rod, Poll and Track Installation Before you get started, ensure your step ladder is sturdy and in good condition. Use the step ladder at all times, don't rest your foot on anything else such as a table. Wear shoes with good grip. I Take the curtain rod and hold it level with the top of nearby doors. This helps you get a feel for the shape of the room. ideal position 10-15cm Hold the pole level with the top of the window, then measure 10-15cm above the window edge. Ideally the pole should be haifway between the top of the ceiling and the edge of the window. Drill pilot holes in these markings Position brackets from 3 to 6 6, inches beyond the edge of the window. When mounting brackets, position these at 8, and insert raw plugs or hollow wall anchors. a 45 degree angle to the window corner, Mark these areas with a pencil. Insert screws through the brackets and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Run a piece of string across these marked areas to ensure they're in a straight line. Try to be level with the ceiling and window edge, as a perfectly straight line may not match the shape of the existing window. When tightening the screws, don't overdo it as you'll damage the screw head. 11. Screw each end of the pole or track into the brackets. Check this is evenly positioned. You are now ready to hang the curtains! How to Hang Curtains Before hanging make sure you prepare the room. Place the curtain over your shoulder, and if you can, have a second person to hold the end of the curtain. That means tidying an area so you have a large open space, and remove any pets that could cause damage. Move one of the rings to the edge of the rod. This keeps the panel inside the window frame. Next, make sure your hands are completely clean to prevent any dirty marks. Working from the inside out, attach the curtain to the runners or rings, making sure you don't miss any. Check the curtain is held in place and can support its own weight by slowly letting go of it. Make sure the curtain is left closed to settle in place. Check the curtains for any marks or irregularities so sure they're perfed before hanging. Count the number of rings on your track or curtain rod, then number on your curtain. you have the Check on your newly hung curtain throughout the day to ensure the rod is not sagging. The next day open the curtains and run your hands down the folds. Do this for half an hour and then tie the curtains Press or iron the curtains as this will help them look neater and more professional. Check the label for instructions on ironing first. off for 2 days to give the folds O Keep spare hooks in your pocket, this makes it easier if you drop any during the installation. more natural shape. Your curtains are now ready for everyday use. Sources: Paul Simon home fumishing stores Bringing Change Home

How to install curtains

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From rod, poll and track installation to hanging curtains this Infographic explains how to install curtains with simple instructions.


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