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How To Help All Year Long

How To Help All Year Long Did You Make A New Year's Resolution To Help Others? Now you've got a secret weapon: Here's something small you can do each month so you can say at the end of the year, "YES! I made a difference this year!" Your Year In Giving January HOMELESS SHELTER They need somewhere to sleep and somewhere to eat every day. A donation of time and money now helps the shelter provide all year long. February LOVE ON A SENIOR Seniors spend a lot of time hanging out and would love company and attention. Call a lócal senior center and ask how you can help. LOCAL PET RESCUE Dogs need to be walked and cats need to be caressed. Your local rescue would love your donation of time or money. March 25% Done! You've made a great start, and even if you missed one or two, that's ok. Just start again now! It's never to late to give! April IMPROVE YOUR HOME EARTH DAY Celebrate and appreciate your connection with the earth. She makes our lives possible, so this month give time or money to taking care of her. Here are few ideas... Lower your home's environmental impact: install weather stripping, caulk around windows, replace your lightbulbs or toilet with higher efficiency models, make your own chemical free cleaners. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE Bring reusable bags to the grocery store, avoid single serve items, compost kitchen and yard waste, shop second hand stores, use a travel mug. EDUCATION: School is out! One of the most important tools a young person has, and you can make it possible by donating to a scholarship fund, a training program, or an apprenticeship program for at-risk youth. May Half way there! Keep Up The Great Work! Do I Donate Time or Money? Both are important and both give you different benefits, so give which ever you have more of and ideally a little of both. July WATER/SANITATION SOCIAL JUSTICE September BACK TO SCHOOL June August FOOD BANK Families turn to the food bank when school breakfast and lunch programs end. Your $10 donation to a food bank can become 40 meals for a local family. Unhealthy water and poor sanítation kill more people than all forms of violence (incl. war). Save opportunity for education students or teachers with a life and donate to bring clean water to a community. Protect and promote a human right: such as LGBT, privacy, equal Clothes, Books, Pens, Backpacks... Donate money or goods to help or legal representation or the supplies they need to freedom of speech. start the school year. WHICH CHARITY SHOULD I GIVE TO? You can choose a great charity when you know what to look for. Download the 3 Level Charity Evaluation System at ALMOST DONE! HEALTH October Support a charity promoting better health. It could involve cancer research or health care. Or maybe it's a program that's getting young people to exercise or bring affordable produce to inner city communities. VETERANS They suffer disproportionate rates of depression, suicide, unemployment and homelessness. Donate to a veteran's charity and call your Congressperson to demand funding for veteran's programs. November KEEP 'EM WARM Winter means higher energy costs and that can mean tough choices between staying warm and feeding the family. Help someone pay their energy bill or make a donation of warm clothing. December SS YOU DID IT!! I hope you're proud of yourself, because I'm proud of you! One little thing at a time, and you made a big difference this year. WHAT NEXT? What Happens to My Donation After I Make it? My Donation Make a Difference. Too Small To If you want to know that, you have to research a charity before you make your donation. There's no such thing as a small donation! Your small donations will change the world-- if they go to the right charities doing the right work. Relax! You can do that in way less time with way less effort than you think. Download our Charity Evaluation System or join a donation team at VIRTUAL GIVING CIRCLES A Virtual Giving Circle is your donation team so you can know your donation is going to ihe right charitý, will be used in the right way, and will make a BIG difference. Piktochart i make information beautiful

How To Help All Year Long

shared by Budgetinfographic on Feb 09
The infographic is about one small thing you can do every month, and at the end of the year, you will have made your resolution to help others a huge success!


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