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How to get RID of the Zombie Look

ARE YOU TIRED of not being invited to parties because you're "a rotted, blood-soaked legion of the undead"? OMPIE *Beauty Tips SICK OF GOING ON DATE AFTER DATE, ONLY TO HAVE NONE OF THEM EVER RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS? (I mean, okay, they're not calling you back because you ripped their hearts out with your bare hands, but whatever. You can't help it if you're a free spirit.) If you're a DEMONIC/UNDEAD/QUIRKY gal suffering from any of these pesky issues, read on for tips on how to go from monstrous to FABULOUS. SOLUTION At the stroke of midnight, enter the abandoned, haunted mansion at the top of the hill (use GPS for directions). Place a spoon in the freezer/portal to demonic dimension. PROBLEM: After two minutes of PARK fighting off the ghost of a 17th-century sea captain, remove spoon from freezer and gently rub under each eye. under-eye circles Get sucked into demonic dimension with fabulous, flawless under-eyes. SOLUTION Prep zombie skin with Bodyography's Tinted Moisturizer. Apply even layer of BB cream. Apply liquid foundation, followed by powder PROBLEM: foundation. SAGGING, Apply with yellow-toned brightening powder to set makeup and smooth texture. rotting skin Eat brains with tight, perfect skin. SOLUTION Commission a witch during the lunar solstice to cast an anti-bloodshot spell on you. Sell your eternal soul to the devil in exchange for clear, bright eyes. PROBLEM: Apply eyedrops. PLOOPSHOT eyes Chant "Bloody Mary" three times in front of a mirror. When she appears, ask if she has any tips. PROBLEM: PRGANS spooling out of your body after a vicious battle with a pack of werewolves that attacked you during a full moon, leaving you with a hankering for human flesh and the worrisome thought that you might be a werewolf now too. SOLUTION Spanx SOLUTION Rub 4 cup of coconut oil into your scalp. X2 Repeat twice a day or as needed. PROBLEM: Make your own cute DIY HAIR wig with the hair of your victims (see Pinterest for fashion-forward styling tips). loss SOLUTION Avoid the harsh chemicals in whitening strips by opting instead for a baking soda-based toothpaste. Switch out your regular floss for the PROBLEM: teeth-whitening kind. PLOOD-STAINED Just roll with it. Chunky jewelry and blood-stained teeth are this season's teeth must-have accessories. Source: OGLE SCHOOL HAIR • SKIN .N AILS D

How to get RID of the Zombie Look

shared by ogleschools on Nov 22
Looking like a zombie is not uncommon these days, when we face stress and other conditions that directly affect our look. Thanks to the experts at the OGLE Schools, there is now much easier way to get...


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