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How to gain tranquility in prayer

ISLAMO HOTRANQUILITY GRAPHIC.COM GAIN In chapter Luqman, we read that when IN Hadhrat Luqman was giving aduice to his son, the first and foremost on his mind was to remind his son: PRAYER "O my dear son! Observe Prayer." (31:8) REPEAT THE WORDS OF THE ADHAN This is a subtle method to signal to your body and mind to draw away from any worldly affair you were engaged in. It's an invitation to stop feeding your thoughts on the daily anxieties and temporary highs. This is the first step by which you acknowledge the call to prayer, where you are about to meet your Lord. STAND STILL FOR A MOMENT SALAH IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY You have been granted Simply stand a few moments before praying, be conscious of everything that is running in your head. another opportunity to pray and give thanks. But have you ever realized the You will find out that there is nothing. different funotions Salah oan be absolutely nothing more important used for? How oan you mnake it than this very Salah. Take a deep your joy? It is a way to overcome KEEP YOUR GAZE FIXED breath and exhale, expelling all distress, sadness, fear and worries and distracting thoughts as weakness, Furthermore, numerous you exhale. Leave the dunya behind. are the hadith that portray the Focus your eyes on prayer as a mean for effacing sins and even avoiding them. the spot in which you will perform sajda, Don't worry if START THE PRAYER BY RECITING A SUPPLICATION you find it difficult at first. Calmly reset your eyes on There are various dua (Dua'a Al Istiftah - Opening the point every time you Supplications) the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used before reciting surat Al Fatiha. notioe that it is deviating. Be deliberately slow in performing every action. Remember to include it in yours so as to increase attentiveness. Try learning new supplications so that it doesn't become a mechanical thing leading you to stop paying attention to what you are saying. Stand in prayer as if the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is leading you. THE POWER OF VISUALIZATION One technique that instantly helps focusing on the salah is a simple one based on a hadith about the siraat, The siraat is a narrow bridge suspended over Hell which everyone has to traverse to be admitted in Paradise, Now imagine yourself on this bridge. In front of you there is Paradise, you can smell its soent and are yearning to reach it. The firmness of the person on the bridge will depend on their deeds and complianoe to the deen in the dunya. Consider every salah as your attermpt to cross the bridge, khushoo is your safety measure to reach the end of it. MAKE AT LEAST ONE DIFFERENT DUA'A IN EACH SUJOOD When you make dua use the appropriate name depending on what you are asking for. For example: when you are seeking for relief you may call upon Him by Al-Bâri'- The Maker of Perfect Harmony or Al-Salâm- The Flawless and the giver of peace. While appealing to His power to allow things to happen remember that He is Al-Mu'min- The Giver of Faith or Al-Haadi -The Guide. Ask Him to grant you and your family protection by calling Him Al-Muhaymin - The Guardian, Al-Raqib- The Vigilant. CULTIVATE A FEELING OF GRATITUDE AND VENERATION Hopefully these points may serve as a reminder to both you and me, and help us When you complete the prayer and say in attaining or increasing Khushoo. For more, visit "Alhamdulillah, AllahuAkbar, Subhanallah" actually think about instances that would make you utter these words. si For example if you have escaped an accident think about that when you say Alhamdullilah, when you say Allahu Source: Akbar remember that us and all what this universe PRODUCTIVES MUSLIM comprehends are compared to the throne of Allah as a ring in the desert. .COM ·

How to gain tranquility in prayer

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How to gain tranquility in prayer (salaah)




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