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How Extreme Couponing Works

HOW EXTREME COUPONING SAVE $10 பாயாப 10 f WORKS he average American family spends between $500 and $1,100 every month on groceries and common household products. These costs can be lowered by using coupons wisely. The more extreme you get with your Couponing the more cash you will have left over at the end of the month. 3 WEAPONS OF THE EXTREME COUPONER #1 Your Main Weapon MANUFACTURER COUPONS Manufacturer coupons are issued by brands to increase awareness, then used by customers at any store, then the store sends the coupons back to the brand for reimbursement of the coupons value plus some handling costs. 50 of Store Store Store Use at any store Good for one item 50% #2 Your Multiplier STORE COUPONS Store coupons are issued by stores and only work at that store. They typically encourage large purchases by taking a small amount of money off a large total purchase of any combination of items. $10 $10° Store $10 of Use for any items Good at one store #3 Your Opportunity STORE SALES Ihe aim of the average store sale is to create an impulse buy or free up space from overstocked goods. But, the extreme couponer will wait patiently for their favorite products to go on sale and strike when the time is right. 3.99 / Ib. off a STEAK ON SALE 50 ff steak $10 Store purchase of $25: ALL WEAPONS If EPOSsible 4 STEPS FOR EXTREME COUPONING #1 The Work GATHERING COUPONS Coupons that come to yoU Coupons you seek out Small savings but you can uually use more than one which is where the value grows. Look for them in the newspaper or other publications. Detter discounts but you can Usually only use one or two of these types at a time, Look for them online or write to companies telling them how much you like their product. #2 A Little More Work ORGANIZING COUPONS Most extreme couponers keep their coupons in some sort of file or binder. You can choose tO cut all your coupons out at once or save whole sheets and cut coupons out when you need them. save $1 50% Store 25 $20 of 10% a sso purchase 50 #3 The Payoff SHOPPING W hen shopping try to use as many coupons as possible on each item. It will be the clerk's job decide if the combination is acceptable. If it is not you are always free to not buy if the price doesn't suit you, you don't need to put it back on the shelf either. #4 The Glory STORAGE Lo maximize your opportunity during a sale buy a lot of the item on sale. Buying in bulk saves trips to the store and will save you the most money. Familiarize yourself with what food items store well and for how long. Months of Safe Storage When Frozen Food items may become unsavory at any time within this range of months. illi Oranges Bread Steaks Poultry Potatoes Lunchmeats Ground meats Low-acidic foods keep longer than high-acidic foods. Cooked meats keep about half as long as uncooked meats DO THE MATH ON SOME DISCOUNTS 5 Вохes of Cereal On Sale $3.99 Regular Price: $5.50 $27.50 ....On Sale: save $7.50 .• Manufacturer Coupon: save $5.00 •• Store Coupon: save $3.00 5x: / Ootz save Ş $1 Циц Final Price: $12.00 es15B Save: $15.50 ' purchase of 3 Packages of Paper Towels On Sale $7.50 Regular Price: $8.00 $24.00 .... On Sale: save $1.50 .•Manufacturer Coupon: save $11.25 .••Store Coupon: save $2.00 Зх: Spill Clean 50 oif Final Price: $9.25 (3x $2of a purchase of $10! Ца Save: $14.75 2 cartons of Orange Juice Regular Price: On Sale $3.99 $6.00 $12.00 ........ On Sale: save $4.00 2х: O.J. 10 .•Manufacturer Coupon: save $.80 ••Store Coupon: save $1.80 Final Price: $5.40 25 Save: $6.60 Orange Juice Sources: %23 ...! 8 to 12 months Apples 10 to 12 Tomatoes 4 to 12 9 to 12 3 to 4 months 11

How Extreme Couponing Works

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Ever wonder how extreme couponers do it? Saving all that money? Stockpiling all those goods? Check out this infographic and find out.




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