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How to Dress like a man

Deciphering the Invitation: Dressing for the Occasion Black Tie Optional Semi-Formal Business Casual Casual Sweater, Polo or Casual Button Down Shirt Dark Crisp White Dress Shirt Crisp Dress Shirt Unobtrusive Pattern White, Color or Patterned Dress Shirt Conservative Tie Optional Conservative Tie Solid Dark Suit or Tuxedo Dark Suit Sports Jacket or Blazer (Recommended) Khakis or Nice Trousers Khakis Lace-Up or Slip-On Leather Shoes or Boots Leather Dark Dressy Leather Shoes and Dark Dress Socks or Dark Jeans or Canvas Shoes MANLINESS Dressing for a First Date (Spring/Summer Edition) The Go-To: Sports Coat + Jeans/Khakis The More Casual Date White, light-colored, or checked button-down shirt Get your hair cut E the week before the date and don't try something new with it for your date. Go with your Usual routine. Lighter weight cotton sport coat Well-fitting polo shirt or casual button down shirt Fingernails cleaned and trimmed Wear a stylish accessory líke a watch or pocket square Field watch Always dress in layers. If it gets chilly, you can offer your date your coat. Dark denim jeans or khakis Dark denim jeans or khakis Choose your shoes carefully- they say a lot about you and women always notice them. Dark brown leather lace-up shoes with rounded toe Canvas shoes or Top-Siders Te Art of MANLINESS © Art of Manliness and Ted Slampyak. All Rights Reserved. How to Dress for a Job Interview Hair recently cut. Solid or conservatively patterned tie. No bright or flashy colors. Face cleanly shaven or beard neatly trimmed. Patterned shirts acceptable. White or blue solid shirt Tie coordinates with shirt's pattern Dark single breasted suit. If you rock a pocket square, only use the square fold. Sports jacket. 2 or 3 buttons. Simple leather Jacket sleeve > should not extend past knuckles. 1/2" shirt cuff exposed. Flat front khakis Igrey flannel or dark denim may work at case or portfolio. Nails trimmed. some companies). Plain or capped Oxford shoes, rounded toe and closed lacing. Cuffed best for tall men; uncuffed for short. Dress boots or leather slip-on shoes. Socks match color of pants. Shoes polished. Formal Business Interview Attire Casual Job Interview Attire The art of MANLINESS YOUR How to Roll Your Shirt Sleeves: 60 SECOND MANLINESS GUIDE The Basic Roll Unbutton euff and any gauntlet buttons further up sleeve. Fold back, using the cuff to set the width, until band of rolled eloth is just below elbow-higher when engaging in physical labor. Best for: Performing physical labor Benefits: Simple and intuitive Flip euff back and inside out. The Casual Forearm Roll HEISE UN Best for: Casual dress, thin arms, layers Benefits: Involves the least folding, eosiest to unroll without wrinkles Unbutton cufr. Undo gauntlet buttons according to preference. Flip euff back and inside out. Fold over once, hiding euff behind a band of sleeve fabrie. Stop there and tuck corners of euff in neatly. The Master/Italian Roll ELBOW Best for: Rolling sleeves with style, showing off cuffs with inner contrasting color Benefits: Easy to adjust and unfold Unbutton euff. Undo gauntlet buttons according to preference. Flip euff back and inside out. Pull flipped cuff all the way to just below elbow without folding. turning sleeve inside out as it goes. Take bottom of inside-out portion and fold it up until it traps bottom of cuff. Show as much of the inside-out euff as you desire. © Art of Manliness and Ted Slampyak. All Rights Reserved. Tie Tips: A Visual Guide MANLINESS Proper Tie Length ИТИ Tie a little short? Use the four-in-hand knot- it uses less fabric. Tip of tie comes right to the top of your belt buckle. Tie a little long? Use the Windsor knot- it uses more fabric. Proper Tie Proportion A large man should choose a slightly wider and longer tie. A petite man should look for a slightly shorter and thinner tie. Picking the Right Tie Knot for the Right Collar Narrow spread or button-down collar: Use four-in-hand. Medium-width spread collar: Use Half-windsor. Wide spread collar: Use Windsor. A Quick Tip on Tie Width For an average-sized man, shoot for a tie that's about 3- 3.75" wide. For a quick comparison, hold it to a dollar bill. If the tie is close to Washington's nose, you're safe. If it extends out past the portrait frame or is behind his head, consider passing on the necktie. TIHE KNITED STATES OP JMERI 6. OLLAR © Art of Manliness and Ted Slampyak. All Rights Reserved. Tying the "Fourin-Hand" Neckiie Knot MANLINESS Start with narrow side nearly to the waist. Cross wide side over. Cross the wide side underneath the narrow side. Cross over the narrow side again; bring wide side up under the chin. Push wide side into loop made from crosses. Tighten and straighten your tie. Pinch tie under knot (optional). © Art of Manliness and Ted Slampyak. All Rights Reserved. How to Tie the Bow Tie de At f MANLINESS Start with tie around neck, allowing the left end (A) to be a little longer than the right end (B). Cross end A over end B. Fold end B at widest part, holding it sideways. It should look bow-shaped. Take end A and tuck it up in the hole between your neck and tie. The tricky part. Pass folded end A under and behind folded end B Drop end A over folded end B. Fold end A up (insert). on your left and through the loop behind folded end B (insert). Tighten knot by holding both folded ends and pulling carefully. Straighten as needed. e Art of Manliness and Ted Slampyak. All Rights Reserved. 6 Reasons to Carry a Handkerchief Mopping Your Offering to Crying Lady Brow Blowing Your Drying Your Hands Nose Cleaning Your Robbing Stagecoaches Glasses he Art of MANLINESS O Art of Manliness & Ted Slampyak. All rights reserved.

How to Dress like a man

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Cool infographic show how a man should dress which give tips and tricks on getting the perfect look.






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