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How to Dress Dapper in the Modern Age

HOW TO Dress Dapper » IN THE MODERN AGE « TAILOR-MADE Ticket Pocket Shoulders • British detail, now a great place • Good suit should hug your shoulders to put business cards • Most men believe they're a size larger than they are, try sizing down Taper • Your jacket should contour to your body Lapels • Slim about 2 inches at its widest point Cuffs Sleeves • Suit sleeves should end just above the hinges of your wrists • Have a tailor slim down the sleeves by trimming excess fabric to form to your figure • Quarter to half an inch of shirt cuff should show Pockets Buttons • Flap pockets are very stylish • Two-button with a low-button stance creates a long slimming look Back Vent Pant Length • Flat front pant, slim fit • Your pants should touch the tops of 3 types: • Center Vent up the middle of the jacket • Side vents on either side of the back panel • Vent-less typically for tuxedos your shoes, not bunch FABRIC BY SEASON Wool Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Flannel Winter Cotton Linen Spring, Summer & Fall Summer SUIT PATTERNS Twill Houndstooth Herringbone Glenurquhart Windowpane check Pinstripe Fabric weaved check Series of jagged broken checks Altered diagonal line making V pattern Regularly spaced, fine stripes of a lighter color than the fabric into diagonal line Fine lines create large, open squares Small checks alternat- ing with larger checks PERFECTLY SUITED or Casual Cocktail Attire Formal Cocktail Attire • suit jacket • shirt • with or without tie • dress pants • tuxedo jacket • light-colored shirt • suit jacket • shirt • tie unless requested otherwise • waistcoat or • no tie • trousers Daytime Event Semi Formal Attire Formal Attire • blazer optional • dark grey, charcoal, or navy blue suit jacket • tuxedo Jacket • shirt • shirt • shirt • tie optional • tie or bow tie • tie optional • dress pants • waist coat • trousers • trousers KNOW YOUR KNOT Best suited for a standard button down, looks nice on men with shorter necks. Four in Hand KNOT Quick Tips: Tip of tie should hit at your beltline ta-da! 2) Then crss 1) Start with the wide end of your tie on the right 12 inches longer 3) Bring the wide end back underneath the 5) Pull the wide end up 6) Pull the front 7) Tighten the of the knot to 4) Continue knot up to the the wide end over the top of the narrow end wrapping the wide end in behind and loosen and through the loop around collar by hold- ing the narrow end and sliding narrow end front of the bring the wide then the left narrow end end down through the front loop narrow side your neck the knot up =2= Best suited for presentations and job interviews, looks nice on longer necks. Windsor KNOT Quick Tips: Match your ties to your suiting fabric ta-da! 2) Cross the 3) Bring the wide end up 4) Bring 8) Tighten the knot carefully and draw it up to 1) Start with 5) Pull the 6) Bring 7) Pull the 8) Bring the the wide end wide end the wide wide end un- the wide wide end wide end of your tie on over the top through the the right 12 inches longer narrow end then left derneath the down over narrow end and to the up through down the loop again end back end across of the back of the the front through the the front from right to left loop be- knot in front right, back through the loop and to tween the the collar narrow side collar and your tie the right again so that the wide end is inside out = 3= Best suited for formal events, proper size Bow tie KNOT should not be broader than your neck and never extend past the tips of your shirt collar. ta-da! 6) Double end 1 7) Adjust the bow tie by 1) Place the bow 2) Cross end 1 3) Bring end 1 4) Now 5) Loop end 1 tie around your double end 2 up and under the loop over end 2 over the center back on itself neck so that end over itself to of the loop and poke it through the loop behind the straightening tugging at the 1 is about two inches longer form the front ends of it and base loop of the bow tie bow tie the knot POSH POCKETS Classic 1) Lay pocket square flat 3) Fold one side up - the length 2) Fold square in half 4) Tug the folded pocket square into of the fold depends on the depth of your pocket your breast pocket so that about 1/4 of an inch is visible One Tip Up 2) Fold one 1) Lay pocket square flat 3) Fold one side of the triangle in 4) Do the 5) Place in corner in so that you get two over- lapping triangles your jacket's pocket same on the opposite side :3: Casual Fold 2) Pick up pocket 3) Pull pocket 5) Push the pocket square in your pocket, the 1) Lay pocket square by pinch- ing it near the square through your hand 4) Flip the pocket square upside down square flat center fold should look casual BEST FOOT FORWARD Oxfords Derby Loafers Cap Toes Wingtips Formal sleek shoe style, Lacing sewn outside of the shoe, making it less formal, pair with jeans or sport coats Comfortable, sleeker the design the more formal, pair with dress pants and suits without ties Comfortable, pair with dress pants and suits without ties Shape of cap toe looks like a wing across front of shoe, pair with casual dress pair with dress pant CLOTHES MAKE A MAN, BUT the perfect suit creates a gentleman In Partnership With Sponsored By CUSTOM E\ MADE GHERGICH&Co. 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How to Dress Dapper in the Modern Age

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While women’s styles vary greatly between seasons, a man in a suit is usually the epitome of style, unless that suit is too big, too small, or too outdated. has created an infogra...




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