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How Do Celebrities Still Look So Young?

How do these celebrities still look s : °young .and how you can, too! 1O SUAS Bwen Stefani Epicuren 1998 / 2013 EdUEARS GWEN'S SECRETS Gwen Stefani knows the importance of an effective, dedicated skincare regime. She is a fan of EPICUREN products, and uses these to keep her skin soft & youthful. Looking the way she does at 43, Gwen knows her stuff when it comes to skincare! EPICUREN PROTEIN MIST ENZYME ACTIVATED TONER A mildly exfoliating astringent that helps regulate oil production. WHAT WE LOVE: EPICUREN PROBIOTIC MASK Detoxifies, oxygenates, and invigorates the skin's cells. Best known for its healing and soothing properties. OLD Halle Berry Take a break! 1996 / 2013 47 YEARS HALLE'S SECRETS Always on-the-go, Halle Berry's secret is keeping her makeup routine LOW-KEY. When she's not working, all she has on is lip balm and SPF. Taking a break from her everyday makeup when she can allows time for her skin to breathe. “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF... YOU WILL AGE GRACEFULLY" A skin care routine will allow you to go without makeup and feel fabulous. Jennifer Aniston Eat well! BOYEARS OLD 14 YEARS JENNIFERS'S SECRETS 1995 / 2013 Along with exercising and getting enough sleep, Jen says eating well is a big factor in having ageless skin. Always trying to EAT ORGANIC and natural foods sO that she feels good helps too. Meal plans help you eat well and can enhance complextion. "WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY..IS REFLECTED IN THE QUALITY OF YOUR SKIN." Veggies can be particularly helpful! Jennifer Lopez Shade SARS OLE it up! 1995 / 2013 JENNIFER'S SECRETS So you're telling me J.Lo's glow isn't from the sun? That's right! This super-star and mom of twins has saved her skin by staying OUT OF THE SUN and using bronzers and self-tanners instead. All thanks to her makeup artist of 10 years, Scott Barnes. STAYING OUT OF THE SUN “...HAS SAVED MY SKIN." Wear a sunscreen or moisturizer with a minimum of SPF 30 every day. WHAT WE LOVE: RH IDA ON B SPECTRUM DAYTIME DEFENSE Implement into your daily skin regimen, this will leave you feeling nourished. Eligabeth Hurley EARS OL Stay hydrated! *8 YEARS ELIZABETH'S SECRETS 1994 / 2013 The hectic life of model Elizabeth Hurley can throw off her beauty routine. But, there is one thing she always remembers to do, even on the go: HYDRATE. From drinking water, to steam sessions, to overnight lotions, this chick has it down. "I'M OBSESSED WITH HYDRATION..." Dryness can clog pores and age skin, according to skin care experts. FOR MORE GREAT TIPS ON KEEPING YOUR SKIN YOUNG LIKE THESE CELEBS VISIT SKINCARE 4 Aéana PERSONALIZED BEAUTY AND SKINCARE. Sources: MÝS-DRESS-2013-facebook.jpg TIONS/2013-jan-jennifer-aniston-400.jpg http://cosm tos/0,20290121_1048795_20798s26,00.html O,a0s00e- n/entertainment/pictures/90s-actresses-hotter-then-or-now-2013 126/948 http://www. bun/fa s-SRY N by-bump-2013244/30024 /pictures/halle-ber- 726112 ough-issues-2013189 news/elizabeth-hur- http://www.chinadaily.comPle/g h// http://www.peoplestylewatentec entr vatch/package/gal- lery/0,204176si 20735862 21265224,00.html,20670087 20564223 21110470,00.html,20705294_21340731,00.html http://www.1 pez-turns-11-whats-her-secret-to-looking-youthful/ tiaging-skin-care-456093?click=main_sr#slide-7 var http://www. 30005574,00.html /2006-06/22/content 623832.htm Nryanseaci /24/jennifer-lo- 28 30 YEARS ....... Üanjda OLD *4 YEARS 66 OLD

How Do Celebrities Still Look So Young?

shared by SkincarebyAlana on Oct 14
How do these celebrities still look so young? and how YOU can too! Thanks to this wonderful infographic from Skincare by Alana, you can have flawless and timeless skin just by following a few simple tricks.


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