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How Do Americans Get Their News in 2013?

NEWS CONSUMPTION IN 2013 How Fast Are Digital Platforms Rising? Media publishing as we "knew" has been in decline for almost a decade, but what exactly is happening? Where and how are audiences consuming content? Here's alook at today's trends... VIRAL HEADLINES How Did You Read Your News Yesterday? Gen Y Shifting the Pendulum 34% Almost a third of young users find news on social media. Only 25% of users in their 40s do. 67% 13% 16% Twitter 15% Pinterest Facebook Instagram INFORMATION ON-THE-GO 50% of Americans Own a Tablet or Smartphone 50% 64% 62% Co-Exist: New vs Traditional Media of tablet owners use the device to read news of smartphone Half of tablet readers consume news on both computers and traditional print owners use them for news sources A MEDIA REVOLUTION TV still reigns – What Are The Trends?" Digital news sources have surpassed newspapers and radio as primary sources of information. TV popularity has declined but still remains the lead source of news in the US." 80% 68% 70% 60% 56% 55% 50% 54% 39% 40% 29% 30% 30% 24% 20% 1991 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 |TV Newspaper Radio Digital / Mobile News TRENDING STORIES OF THE LAST YEAR #ObamaElection #HurricaneSandy #CuriosityMars #London2012 The 2012 U.S. election reached far beyond the American the U.S. at the end of lowering it on borders. On Twitter, the event generated estimated $50 billion hovering sky crane. more than 327,000 global posts per minute. The highest social peak occurred collapsed roller right at the Election Night. Superstorm Sandy hit the East coast of NASA landed a Wall-E The 2 weeks of like robot on Mars by athletic competition in London last summer were talked about online more Every tense moment than any other single topic, Twitter says, with 150 million 2012, causing an winches from a in damage. Photos posted on Twitter and Instagram of a leading up to the safe touchdown of Mars Curiosity was seen worldwide on tweets on the coaster at an amusement park in New Jersey became some of the most viral images. Olympic Games. The streaming video and Spice Girls closing musical number was the most tweeted on Twitter. moment. Sources • -new-research/ • port.pdf • munity/2012/12/2012s-biggest- social-media-stories-and-hashtags. html created and sponsored by 4überflip

How Do Americans Get Their News in 2013?

shared by uberflip on May 02
Content marketing start-up, Uberflip, has released an infographic that showcases the latest trends in news consumption. It’s no secret that media publishing has been declining recently, but what exa...




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