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How to Control Your Appetite

How to Control Your Appetite By APage 67% OF THE U.S. POPULATION IS EITHER OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE. WE SEEM HELPLESS TO CONTROL OURSLEVES. WHATEVER YOUR REASON FOR DIETING, THE ONLY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT IS TO FEEL HUNGER AT SOME POINT. How your body knows it's full: THE FOOD MODULATION PROCESS How consumption is communicated to the brain dictates how full a food makes you feel. REMEMBER: EAT SLOWLY MU-OPIOID RECEPTORS FOOD MODULATION TAKES TIME, SO THERE IS A NATURAL LAG FROM WHEN YOU START EATING UNTIL THE TIME YOU FEEL FULL. (MORS) = APPETITE CONTROLLERS MORS are nerves found on the wall of the portal vein - a major blood vessel that drains blood from the gut. MORS are stimulated by food. When blocked, MORS tell the brain to limit consumption, resulting in feeling When stimulated, MORS enhance food intake by telling the brain to eat more. full. protein, fiber sweets, starches, alcohol, additives Eating these triggers dopamine production which leads to overeating Digested protein creates peptides, which block MORS, curbing appetite. Peptides send signals to the brain which are transmitted to the gut. The signals stimulate the release of glucose which suppresses the desire to eat. Eating fiber adds bulk to the digestive tract and slows digestion, resulting in feeling full, for longer. 10 control foods that keep your diet on track: 1. Guzzling eight ounces when you are WATER hungry usually conquers a craving. Vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, bok choy and spinach are so low in calories you can eat them in copious amounts. Herbs, spices, GREEN 2. VEGETABLES and lemon are low calorie taste enhancers. If you are really craving something warm and need more flavor than water or tea, VEGETABLE 3. try a vegetable broth sans MSG, autolyzed extract, and hydrogenated vegetable protein - since these fuel hunger. BROTH Add a scoop of whey protein powder to a cup of almond milk and blend with ice for a filling, low carb, low sugar treat. For a thicker texture add gluten free sugar gum PROTEIN SHAKE powder. This tasty and satifsying treat is very low in calories. A whole jar may contain only 5. PICKLES 50 calories. Purchase natural fermented pickles to avoid artifical food coloring that can lead to overeating. Tofu is high in filling protein and fiber. Additionally, a recent study found that overweight women who had tofu as an appetizer consumed less during dinner. Avoid eating tofu combined with starch or TOFU sugar, which may lead to overeating. The amino acid tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the brain, which makes you feel full. Avoid turkey that is slick and shiny like deli meat, since it contains craving inducing additives. TURKEY 7. Research shows that eating insoluble fiber, such as oatmeal results in appetite reduction and weight loss. To increase fiber levels, try adding blueberries and OATMEAL 8. strawberries. Apples are an excellent source of insoluble fiber. An apple is also a very satisfying and flavorful fruit which takes a longer time to APPLES 9. eat - allowing your body to feel full before overeating. Almonds contain phenylalnine, an amino 10. ALMONDS acid which releases the CCK hormone known for slowing down digestion and alerting the brain of being full. 6 ways to trick your brain into eating less USE SMALLER PLATES Research shows that larger dishes make portion sizes seem smaller, causing people to consume more. HIGHLIGHT HEALTH A recent study found that giving healthy foods prominence over other foods could prompt people to eat the healthier option. Instead of a cookie jar opt for a fruit bowl. USE CONTRASTING COLORS SMELL PEPPERMINT At the start of a craving, sniff peppermint. The scent stimulates the brain, which sends a message to the pituitary gland to release the CCK (full) Researchers found that serving food on a dish that contrasts with the color of the food will alert the brain to be more aware of portion sizes. hormone. START JUMP-ROPING CHANGE YOUR Research shows that while all ENVIRONMENT aerobic activity can reduce hunger, Snacking patterns may become ingrained in our head. If you always snack while watching TV on the couch, try sitting activities that involve vertical movement may be more effective in suppressing appetite because the hunger hormone ghrelin is reduced. in a different location. Sources: HealthCentral 4. 6.

How to Control Your Appetite

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To lose weight and achieve long-term weight management it is essential to understand your appetite and know when and what to eat. Extreme hunger can quickly sabotage a diet. Here's some advice for c...





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