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How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World

Ho Ho Ho! Но How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom Russia Prieci'gus Ziemsve'tkus un Laimigu Jauno Gadu! Merry Christmas! Buone Feste Natalizie (Cantonese) Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung (Mandarin) Sheng Dan Kuai Le Joyeux Noel Haw Sun Milad Majid Maligayang Pasko Ethionla Feliz Natal Melkin Yelidet Beaal Selamat Hari Geseënde Natal Kersfees Brari Feliz Navidad brought to you by uebdesigner web design blog RUSSIA JAN 07 In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th instead of Deceber 25. This is because the Orthodox Church, where most Russians pay worship, still uses the old Julian Calendar for their religious celebrations. CANADA In the northern region of the country, people partake in a Taffy Pull, in honor of Saint Catherine - patron saint of single women. For single women out there, this is the perfect chance to meet the man of your dreams. CANADA CANADA CZECH REPUBLIC Single women perform a ritual to determine if they'll marry in the following year. On Christmas Eve, a woman throws one of their shoes towards the door, If the shoe lands and the heel points the direction of the door, the said woman shall not marry next year. If it lands otherwise, she should the immediately make wedding preparations. SWEDEN A Giant Goat made of straw is built at the start of the holiday season. Vandals do everything they can to burn down the goat before Christmas day. So far, since 1966, the Goat only survived 10 times because people disguise themselves as Santa Claus or elves just to get past the guards and burn the goat Poor goat. CHINA Despite percentage of Christians in China, Christmas still is considered to be a day of joy. In major Christmas Trees, lights and other placed and people await for 'Shen Dan Lao Ren' (which we commonly know as Santa Claus). On Christmas Eve, people give apples wrapped in colored paper. People do this because their 'Ping An Ye' (Christmas Eve) sounds like 'Ping Guo' (which means apple in Chinese). the low cities, ornaments are JAPAN Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most famous Christmas dinner in Japan. The demands for these delicious chicken spike up to the point that you need to reserve your chicken 2 months ahead! KFC VENEZUELA In Caracas, the government closes the roads for cars allowing people to skate the together to hear Christmas Day mass. ITALY Instead of Santa Claus, gifts are delivered by a witch! Called La Befana, this witch arrives on Christmas or Epiphany bringing traditional holiday gifts. She gives fruits and candies for the nice kids and coal and garlic for the naughty ones. People leave wine for her to drink before she goes, and if you're nice enough, she will sweep your floor with her broomstick! UKRAINE Christmas decorated with real spiders and spider webs. According to tradition, this will give the home good luck trees are PHILIPPINES Having the longest Christmas in the World that starts on September, the Philippines have a multitude including the Misa De Gallo (Dawn Mass), Caroling, Monito Monita (Secret Santa) and more! of traditions The country is also famous for its Parols, which are lanterns that have Christmas designs. SPAIN People hide Caganers (famous people portrayed defecating) under their Christmas Nativity scenes and asks their friends to find them. Dating way back to the century, tradition_has become a symbol of fertilization, hope and prosperity for the years to come. 18th this ICELAND If we had a yule goat in Sweden, we also have a yule cat in Iceland. This cat is depicted to be very scary and eats lazy children. (My goodness, I might be eaten) How will you avoid being the Christmas Dinner of a hungry Christmas Cat? Well, finish your work and get new clothes before the calendar hits December 25. MEXICO In Oaxaca, Noche de los Rabanos is celebrated during December 23. At this day, radishes rule the earth as they are formed and designed to portray nativity scenes, historical figures, famous people and more. Wow! 'm dressing up as That's goma be rad-ish! Santa this Christmas IRAQ lal Iraqui celebrate the Christmas day through a great bonfire made of dried thorns outside their houses. The thing here is that you should really burn the thorns because it will imply a good fortune. You can also make wishes whenever the fire is reduced to ashes. Christians and twigs NORWAY Brooms during Christmas Eve? No way in Norway. This is because of a very old and popular belief where witches came out of the Eve of December 25 to look for broomsticks to ride on. So, what people do is that they hide them really well. So, during Christmas Eve, expect a single broom to be missing or lost. BRITAIN What's interesting about this tradition is not the tangible product that it boasts but how did they come up to it. In Britain, family members take turns in stirring the pudding mix clockwise while making a wish. Some even put coins for good luck, and others, rings or thimbles. AUSTRIA Santa is absolutely the best good guy you could ever think of. But he has an evil counterpart, yes that's true. Even Santa gets a nemesis, he's called Krampus. This Krampus guy looks like a demon and punishes naughty children before Christmas. USA For Santa Claus enthusiasts, here's the Comi-con counterpart of your hobby: SantaCon! SantaCon is a gathering of New Yorkers dressed as Christmas characters. During this day, you see a lot of Santas, evlves snowmen and people just having a great time! FINLAND In Finland, having sauna isn't that difficult to do. Why did I say that? Well, because most Finnish families have their own sauna. T It's repeat, their-own-sauna. because they believe that an elf lives there and making sure that members of the family act accordingly. And when Christmas Eve comes, people would go their sauna, and enjoy a good time. SLOVAKIA Early in Christmas Eve, the head of the Slovakian family gets a spoonful of Loksa, a dish made out of bread, poppy seed, filling and water, and throws it on the ceiling. The more it remains in the ceiling the richer the crops will be. SOURCES: IL

How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World

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How Christmas is Celebrated Around the Globe gives an insight into how people in different countries celebrate Christmas. The distinctions and characteristics of these cultures are very interesting. N...


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