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How To Burglar Proof Your Stash Of Cash

Ho te BURGLAR-PROOF YOUR STASH OF CASH With the recent U.S. credit crisis wreaking havoc on the global economy, some Americans are rapidly withdrawing their cash in case of a liquidity crisis. But holding a large stash of cash presents an additional problem: safe storage. As we know, burglars are most active when there is an economic crisis. So, let's walk through the motives of a burglar and try to determine where you should and shouldn't hide your money – and hope no burglars are reading this. WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM BURGLARS' MOTIVES Most home burglars are common thieves, with equipment and techniques that are far less sophisticated than what we see in the movies. Furthermore, many burglars are drug addicts who are looking to score money to buy their next fix. With that in mind, the average burglar has two main objectives: To take posession of your valuable goods To get out as quickly as possible with as much valuable stuff he or she can carry WHAT DOES THIS TEACH US TO DO? Bait burglars with a little bit of cash in places they are bound Once a burglar believes they have found the goods, they will leave right away. That said, when you "bait" them be sure the amount of cash you hide makes sense for the wealth of the surrounding neighborhood and value of the home. A burglar will keep looking if they feel they haven't hit the jackpot. Be a step ahead. You have to get inside the mind of a burglar to determine where he will be looking. For example, a burglar will go straight to the back of the closet to look in the boxes, disregarding all the boxes in the front. Don't hide your cash too well. If the number one objective of a burglar is to steal your valuables, he will tear apart your house until he finds them. The resulting destruction may actually cost you more to repair than the amount of money you are attempting to protect. WHERE YOU SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T HIDE YOUR VALUABLES Where Not To Hide Your Valuables Where To Hide Your Valuables The Bathroom Children's Toy Box Inside the toilet is a notorious place A thief will avoid a child's room like where drug users hide drugs, so it the plague. There are typically few is often the first place that a thief valuable objects in a kid's room, will look. Tampon boxes are and sifting through a box of toys another hiding place that all wouldn't occur to him. burglars know about. Air Vent Cereal Boxes This is another difficult one for It's another popular place people burglars to get to, if secured hide drugs, so many burglars will properly. Avoid using magnets and fake screws to secure the tear through the pantry like it's a piñata. vent to the wall – remember this should be difficult enough to open to detract a burglar from trying. Refrigerator/Freezer Vacuum Cleaner Bag This is a popular place for people No burglar wants to get covered to hide documents and personal in dust, which, if they're not material because it is more wearing gloves, might lead to protected in case of fire. People highly traceable prints. But also hide drugs here so they last make sure you don't longer. accidentally throw out the bag. Inside Valuable Electronics Faux Electric Outlet A burglar just isn't going to take Chances are a thief is going to the time to unscrew every outlet steal valuable electronics anyway. in the house. Store your money here and thieves get a two-for-one. Backyard A PVC pipe stuffed with cash buried in the backyard is a great place – just don't forget where the stash is located. mint. Sources: Jeffrey Strain, for I .com

How To Burglar Proof Your Stash Of Cash

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With the recent U.S. credit crisis wreaking havoc on the global economy, some Americans are rapidly withdrawing their cash in case of a liquidity crisis. But holding a large stash of cash presents an ...



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