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How to block facebook

A survey of 2000 people who use Facebook regularly has found that a majority are worried that their use of Facebook is compulsive. Of those that responded: 56% 68% described their Facebook use Of these, 68% were worried by their inability to control their use of Facebook. as compulsive. Signs that their use of Facebook was compulsive included: 45% said they had made an excuse to leave a social occasion to use Facebook. Examples include: Restrooms MENU MENU %3D %3D Leaving a restaurant meal with friends or their partner to visit the bathroom or toilet to check Facebook. Checking Facebook at the cinema during a film. Commenting on a post at their own wedding or a friend's wedding. Using Facebook while reading a bedtime story to their children. 36% Updating their Facebook page while taking a shower or bath. 36% of respondents said they had become angry or irritated because they had been prevented from updating their Facebook when they wanted to Respondents also revealed where they had updated their Facebook page or liked or commented on a post. 56% 32% 15% on the toilet. in the bath. in the shower. 76% 11% in bed when they should be asleep. on their first date. 12% 17% during their friend's wedding speeches. at their own wedding. 14% at a funeral. 17% after sex. 33% during a film in the cinema. 22% 26% in the sea. after an operation in hospital. 9% outside during a storm instead of taking cover. 72% 11% • while when they should be working or studying. talking to their cat. 16% while driving.

How to block facebook

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Infographic shows the results of a survey into people's use of Facebook. It shows their compulsive behaviour, that they are worried about it, and where they have used Facebook. Amusing, insightful, wo...


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