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How To Be A Human Lie Detector

How-to-ber A Human Lie Detector Did You Know? Although many animals engage in deception, human beings are the only species capable of deceiving both ourselves, and the people around us. People can become so consumed with managing how others perceive them, that often they become unable to separate what's real and what's false in their own minds. Men are more likely to lie to make themselves look better. Women are more likely to lie to make others around them feel better. Extroverts lie more than introverts Introvert: the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life. Extrovert: the act, state, or habit of being predominantly concerned with and obtaining gratification from what is outside the self. People are more likely to lie to a CO-worker than to a stranger. Lying is more common in phone calls than in face-to-face conversations. Common White Lies "I was just about to call you" "Sorry l'm late. traffic was terrible" "This is delicious!" "You look great" "Your secret is safe with me." "I completely agree with you" Why Do We Lie? Avoid confrontation To be “nice" O Protect self-esteem O Shift blame O Cover up wrongdoing O Avoid feelings of shame or guilt © Keep up appearances To make ourselves or others O Personal gain feel better Factors that Increase /Decrease Dishonesty Increase Decrease X Witnessing others lie or cheat Honor pledges X When other people benefit from our dishonesty Supervision Being reminded of moral codes X Physical and mental fatigue Signatures X Previous deceptive acts X Conflicts of interest X Ability to rationalize Men Versus Women - Who's the Biggest Liar? Survey results from The Science Museum of London show that: Women tell an average Men tell an average of 2 lies every day of 3 lies every day HOW TO SPOT A LIE - PHYSICAL CLUES Sweating Avoiding Eye Contact Dilated Pupils Rise in Vocal Pitch Shrugging Shoulders Folded Arms Emphatic Statements Lip Licking CO Stepping Backwards Stiff Upper Body Placing an object between the two of you Shifting Stance Touching Face Half Smirk Excessive Grooming Fidgeting Verbal Clues 4) Repeatedly declaring how "honest" they are 1) Lack of details ) Uncooperative ) Failure to use contractions- "I did not" versus "I didn't" O Negative statements ) Pausing before answering a question ) Frequent complaints ) Distancing language 4) Overly emotional reaction O Changes the subject 4) Avoiding "I" statements How To Dig Deeper Look for more details in the story Ask the person to retell the story multiple times Interrupt their story, and observe their reaction Ask questions in reverse order of how events happened Is someone in your life lying to you? Look them up on Instant Checkmate to uncover the truth about anyone! Sources

How To Be A Human Lie Detector

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