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How to be a compact gardener

How to be a COMPACT GARDENER: SEED MAXIMISING YOUR GROWTH POTENTIAL Whether it's indoors, on a balcony, in an allotment or in a small backyard, gardening can be a soothing and health-boosting activity. Studies have shown that gardening reduces stress, lowers instances of depression and contributes to better overall health. Research even suggests that older gardeners have a 36-47% lower rlsk of dementla than non- gardeners. VWith this In mlnd, there's really no reason why you shouldn't make the most of the space you have and get gardenlng! GROWING IN SMALL GARDENS No matter the size of your garden, with just a little ingenuity and a sprinkling of hard work, you can easily grow plants, fruit and vegetables POTTED PLANT TIPS When planting Water & feed your plants regularly. Growing In pots Choose the largest Add a layer of possible pot for stones or broken in pots, use your space to ceramics to the compost designed facilitate growth. bottom of your specifically for means they'll use pot to help draln containers. up the nutrients in excess water. compost quickly. DEVELOPING A VEG PATCH Any small patch you'd Add compost Dlg at least one spade Ilke to grow on needs to to the soll. deop Into the soll to got around five hours of break It up and remove sunshine per day weods and stones. SPACE OUT PLANTING 35cm 75cm 20сm between betwoen rows of around rows of carrots courgettes salad leaves GROWING POTATOES IN BAGS Potatoes can be grown In bags to help minlmise the amount of space they occupy. Hore's how you do It: YOU WILL NEED: an Inslde-out compost bag, extra thick bin llners or speclallst grow bags. GROWING PROCESS Roll down sldes of bag to half helght Make a few FIII to around 30cm Plant two tubers per bag, burylng each In dralnago holes In base of bag with 2/3 compost and 1/3 soll the 30cm mlxture Cover them Water the Place bags In bright, sllghtly warm areas. Koop compost damp with anothor soll well 16cm of mlx but not overly wet. Once shoots Repeat untll you When shoots sprout flower, haryest reach the top of to 16cm, roll odges of your potatoes the bag bag up and All with soll and compost mlx GROWING IN SPECIALIST GROW BAGS Unlike potatoes, plants with shorter roots can instead be grown in space-saving grow bags. GROWING TOMATOES IN GROW BAGS 1 3 FIII a 3-Inch Scatter seeds Place the pot with and cover plant on a compost and with a layer of windowsill to lightly water vermiculite. germinate 7 Shake out the Before you Transfer to Seedlings grow bag and transfer, soak grow bags should appear knead out any tomato plants when the first around 2 weeks solid sections In a tray of truss of flowers later. Transfer of compost water to appears. Into separate prevent root pots when damage large enough. 10 11 Place In sunny With a hand Transfer plants Use a cane to spot, make trowel, create a to the bag, support plants dralnage holes planting hole keeping the as they grow In base and cut top of the root out planting ball below the square top of the bag GROWING PEPPERS IN GROW BAGS 3 Peppers need plenty Start In late winter Sow seeds on surface of warmth and llght, or early spring if of molst, compost- so start them off in a you're sowing your filled, modular greenhouse or warm own seeds. You can seed trays. Place environment before also purchase young In a temperature taking them into the plants from garden of 20°C with good warmest, spot of your centres in spring. light levels to enable garden in summer. germination. 7 4 Grow until Transplant the Keep the Use a roots appear seedlings Into compost molst propagator or through the Individual 9cm but do not cling film over the seed trays to help maintain base of pots. pots when they over water. have two true leaves. humidity. 10 11 Alternatively, leave to ripen When the Use stakes to Harvest the roots appear, prevent the plant when transfer the plant tipping green and Into red or plants Into as it grows glossy. yellow peppers, prepared depending on grow bags species. F GROWING COURGETTES IN GROW BAGS 1 3 FIIL a small Plant seeds Place In 1-Inch deep and sunny location. pot with potting soll water, allow excess water to draln from the pot 7 Place up to 3 Transplant Make a few Break down courgettes in the young dralnage any clumps each grow bag courgette holes in the of compost depending plants Into the bottom of In your on size grow bag the bag. grow bag. 8 10 Water soil Apply a layer Harvest of finely chopped mulch thoroughly, courgettes allow to drain when and place bag to further ald 10-12.5cm In sunny area dralnage (4-5in) long. TIPS FOR USING GROW BAGS Once grown, cut Loosen compost open the bag and by shaking and kneading to soften bag re-use compost on any patches Label your Use a cane or frame to support bags if using multiples tall plants once for quick they reach identification above 20cm. Evenly spread compost in the bag Pierce the base to allow drainage GROWING INDOORS You can always bring your talents indoors if you're struggling for outdoor space. Growing herbs is fairly simple indoors – just place them in pots on the windowsill. HERBS 2 Plant in pots with Buy baby plants instead of seeds LIGHT; drainage holes Around six to eight hours a day HERBS: 3 4 Mint, chives, oregano. parsley. rosemary. and thyme are all great herbs for growing indoors. Use organic, nutrient-rich soil Don't overwater 2 Choose a pot Moisten and sprinkle seeds over the surface between 8 and 10 inches deep CARROTS LIGHT: 3 4 Around six to eight hours a day Thin the Place on a sunny seedlings into an inch apart windowsill and TEMPERATURE: keep soil moist When growing carrots, the best temperature to grow them at is between 60-65°F/15-18°C 6. Once plants Once mature, reach around 3 carrots are ready inches, begin a regular feeding schedule to harvest. Pull straight up so you don't disturb the roots. Sounces courtesy of creative cc commons

How to be a compact gardener

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Whether it's indoors, on a balcony, in an allotment or in a small backyard, gardening can be a soothing and health-boosting activity. Studies have shown that gardening reduces stress, lowers instances...


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