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How Augmented Reality Has Changed Selfies

So HOW AUGMENTED REALITY HAS CHANGED SELFIES FOREVER ELFIES |SE IN P ITY Millennials will each Definition | Picture taken of yourself, usually with a take about 25,676 SELFIES smartphone or webcam and often shared via social media during their lifetime- When testing a new look, many turn to their camera instead of the mirror In 2003, Sony designed the first forward-facing smartphone camera the Ericsson Z1010 – it wasn't meant for selfies but rather for business meetings MILLENNIALS & THE SELFIE By 2015, 95% of millennials had taken at least one selfie MILLENNIALS POST 9 SELFIES EACH WEEK BUT WHY? To post on While on To send to a When celebrating social media vacation significant other a birthday 66% 63% 46% 46% MOST MILLENNIALS AGREE YOU SHOULDN'T TAKE A SELFIE Just because you can doesn't mean you should... In a place of worship While driving During a movie, speech, or live performance MILLENNIALS SPEND MORE THAN 54 HOURS EACH YEAR TAKING SELFIES On average Most people take between People spend time using It takes 7 MINUTES 2 AND 5 PHOTOS filters and tweaking to take a selfie before picking a winner their photo 1 IN 4|4-6 MINUTES 1 IN 4| 7+ MINUTE SELFIES ARE MORE POPULAR ON SOME PLATFORMS THAN OTHERS ONLY 4% of Instagram More than 1 IN 3 PEOPLE posts are solo selfies who use Snapchat do so primarily t send selfies 2 IN 3 USERS have sent at least one selfie on the platform Why do so many more Snapchat users opt for selfies? The difference may be augmented reality SELFIE FILTERS AUGMENTED REALITY 2015 "RAINBOW Snapchat introduced a BARFING" filter - the first use of augmented reality for selfies Computer vision locates facial features and maps each user's face Mapping lets the filter adapt to facial movements in real time 2016 Snapchat's DOG FILTER was released, and quickly rose in popularity Does more than add a dog ears, snout, and tongue to the users' face Filter covers imperfections and elongates the user's face 2017 Snapchat launches LENS STUDIO Desktop application allows anyone to create an AR filter More than 30,000 LENSES were submitted to Snapchat in the first 2 months 2018 Snapchat introduced SNAPPABLES Games users can play on screen with augmented elements Example: Players try to catch on-screen eggs by opening their mouths Virtual Reality and the Selfie Facebook Spaces, a VR product for Oculus Rift and Touch controllers, allows friends to hang out in virtual reality, where their custom avatars can take selfies with virtual selfie sticks Selfies might seem just silly and fun... FUTURE SELFIES ADVANCING TECHNOLOGY GETTING MORE EXTREME From sitting on the edge of a cliff to standing on train tracks, many are seeking the most daring selfies possible In Europe, about ½ OF PEOPLE would like to try a roller coaster that puts riders in control of capturing their own experience DRONES, controlled by a SMARTPHONE, will make extreme selfies easier to capture MOVING BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA Selfies + Facial Recognition More than 1 IN 3 European consumers would feel more secure using selfies as passwords for banking SECURITY I Uses selfies instead of passwords or unlock your device with a look PAYMENT I Pay with a picture so there's no need to bring your wallet Apple's iPhone X using Face ID to unlock your smartphone with a look Augmented Reality is moving selfies beyond social media - and changing how we see ourselves Sources ĐFRAMESDIRECT.COM n/definition/selfle Lomen ce urachinston edu/-voshi/papers/anapchat-FC2014.pdf DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING, front-facing-cameras-were-never-Intended-for-selfles

How Augmented Reality Has Changed Selfies

shared by NowSourcing on Aug 24
Augmented reality has changed the way we see ourselves and the way we take selfies. Learn more!


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