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How Are You Today?

How are you today? Break the ice in foreign lands.. The average tour guide translations for 'hello' in different languages are dull and often not really what the locals say. Use these phrases to greet native speakers in their own language and, who knows, you just might get some foreign tongue. 01 AMERICAN Hey, what's up? 1 [hey whats up] | How do you do? 02 ARABIC عليكم يا أخي السلام 1 [Asalamo alaykom ya akhi] | Peace be upon you my brother 03 SPANISH ¿Cómo lo llevamos? 1 [como lo jay-va-moss] | How are we wearing it? 04 CHINESE 1 [ni tfi le ma] + | Have you eaten yet? 05 PORTUGUESE Comé? Tásse bem? 1 [kom e taa se bain] * |What's up? Everything OK? 06 RUSSIAN NpMBET. Kak KU3HB MONOAAA? 1 [Privyet. Kak zhizn molodaya?] + | Hi. How is young life? 07 JA PANESE 1 [Dozo yoroshiku] + Nice to meet you 08 GERMAN Hi, wie geht's? 1 [hi, vee gayts?] + | Hi, how goes it? 09 ITALIAN Ciao, che si dice? Tutto bene? 1 [Chaou, keh see deecheh? Toottow behneh?] + | Hello, what people are saying? Everything OK for you? 10 FRENCH Quel bon vent vous amène? 1 [Kel bon von vooz a men?] , | What is the wind that brings you here ? skype © 2011 Skype Limited

How Are You Today?

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No matter where you are in the world, It’s easy to stay in touch and say hello with online calls and video chats from Skype. Though, it can be tough to break the ice if you don't know the local ling...



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