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How Americans Spend their Tax Refunds

82% OF AMERICANS PLAN TO SPEND THEIR TAX REFUND TAX$ A LOOK AT HOW AMERICANS are spending their TAX REFUNDS ig ACCORDING TO TWITTER SOCIAL INSIGHTS BY 1Q AGENCY POWERED BY CRIMSON HEXAGON 65% BUY SUPER SAVER 18% * the deets You're ready to give yourself a gift-a few months down the road anyway. According to our sample, 18% of tweeters put their tax refunds straight into savings accounts or investments so it can keep on giving. 17% 14% 11% 11% PAYING THE BILLS SHOPPING SPREE RETURN TAX TABLETS ON RPMS Where's America really Your tax refund sure looks According to our survey, responsibility loves company. Approximately 17% of tax-time tweeters spending their extra cash? Geeking out on gadgets. According to our sample, 14% of tweets mentioned purchasing good, which is why you'll be wearing it! 11% of tax-time tweeters are headed straight to the mall with their fat stack of cash. After all, the only thing that looks better than a big check is that perfect pair of shoes. According to personal tweets, 11% of Americans will be driving away from this tax season! Some purchased a vehicle, others made car payments and some made repairs. used their refunds to pay bills or student loans. electronics with tax refund money. i 10% 7% A 5% JUST DESSERTS A NIGHT OUT ECONOMICAL ESCAPE TAXABLE TUNES There's nothing like filing taxes to make you long for a beachside retreat. According to our study, 7% of tweeters are ready for take off and headed on vacation with their Small tax refund? It For some tweeters a Though a small group, seems a number of folks are eating and drinking their feelings. Approximately 10% of our sample tweeted about treating themselves to food and drinks with their night on the town is the perfect way to chase away the tax blues. 7% of our sample mentioned purchasing tickets for special events or dates with their extra cash. these tweeters make some noise. Approximately 5% of our survey group sent tweets about spending their tax refund on musical tax refund. instruments or other tax refund. music-related items. 35% SAVE& PAY BILLS Jweet Highlights Americans took to Twitter to talk about their taxes in 2013. Here's what they had to say: @PTHOMP22 @CADEPILBEAM QARIKIA What's more American than celebrating my tax refund than by buying stupidly overpriced cocktails at a midtown hotel bar? Hmmmm... Go buy a new Xbox? Or be Got my tax refund! Too bad its only $152 dollars... but at least that means I can buy weed! :D #happystoner responsible and not spend some of my tax refund?! When consumers share what they're buying with their Twitter followers, that's good news for businesses. Here's why: According to Forrester, each time a consumer posts social content it reaches an average of 150 C 50% 2X say "word of mouth" recommendations including social posts influenced car, technology or electronic product purchases Brand Advocates spend 2x more than average customers and recommend or share 2 to 4 times more than an average customer. people ig GET SOME INSIGHTS OF YOUR OWN AT WWW.IQAGENCY.COM accordine ta s padaf Associates

How Americans Spend their Tax Refunds

shared by IQAgency on Apr 15
We wanted to see how or if consumers were spending their tax refunds, so we did a social listening study using Crimson Hexagon to see what they said.


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