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How to Achieve Longevity

How To aсHіeve LONGE While some may attribute longevity to genes, they're certainly not the only factor. Here are some ideas that may help you stay healthy, feel young and live a long life. DIeT A balanced diet is important for everyone, but especially the elderly as some foods may help with digestion problems or other common ailments. Vegetables and Fruits Three to five daily servings of vegetables and two to three daily servings of fruit are recommended. Dairy and meat Four to five daily ser- vings of milk, yogurt, cheese and meats are recommended. Carbohydrates Four to seven daily ser- vings of breads, cereals, potatoes and legumes are recommended. Sugar While it's recommended to reduce glucose consump- tion, it's still important to consume some sugar daily. Good Bad Exercise three times a week, but make sure it's not too Smoking can cause heart disease, cancer, emphysema and more. strenuous. Get seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Excessive drinking can damage the brain, liver and stomach. CounTrY LIFe CITY LIFE Some say country living can help prolong your life, since the air is purer and you're farther from pollution. It can also provide peace of mind, which is a big plus. While living in a city isn't bad, factors like pollution can contri- bute to health problems. City dwellers may also experience hearing loss and stress. LIFE Expecтаncy BY GenDer 100 77.6 78.8 79.9 71.0 73.2 74.6 90 65.9 80 60.9 57.4 50.7 53.2 70 60 74.5 70.1 71.8 50 65.5 66.8 67.0 61.6 40 55.5 57.7 30 47.9 49.9 20 10 1900 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Male Female Common Diseases Parkinson's Alzheimer's This disease, known by its tremors, is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. While most causes are unknown, doctors have concluded that age is a factor. The most common form of demen- tia is Alzheimer's, which is usually diagnosed in people over 65. It can lead to confusion, aggression and memory loss. While you can combat some diseases with exercise and a balanced diet, you may face a risk of some diseases based on age alone. Arthritis Cancer There are more than 100 types of arthritis, which are all known for their joint pain. The most common type of arthritis is usually attributed to age. While cancer can affect anyone, the risk does increase as you age. Some of the most common factors are tobacco, obesity, stress, lack of exercise and pollution. Top 5 People Who Have Lived The Longest Name: Jeanne Louise Birth: February 21, 1875 Arles, France Death: August 4, 1997 (122 years and 164 days) Arles, France Nationality: Occupation: Spouse: Children: French Arles Housewife Fernand Calment (1896-1942) Yvonne (1898-1934) Name: Sarah DeRemer Knauss Birth: September 24, 1880 Hollywood, Pennsylvania, U.S. December 30, 1999 Death: (aged 119 years, 97 days) Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S. U.S. Pennsylvania Nationality: Spouse Abraham Lincoln Knauss (December 19, 1878 – March 1, 1965) Children Kathryn Knauss Sullivan Lucy Hannah Lucy Terrell July 16, 1875 Linden, Alabama, United States March 21, 1993 (aged 117 years, 248 days) Detroit, Michigan, Name: Birth: Death: Alabama United States Nationality: Known for U.S. Oldest African-American on record Name: Marie-Louise Fébronie Meilleur Birth: August 29, 1880 Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada April 16, 1998 (aged 117 years, 230 days) Corbeil, Ontario, Canada Death: Quebec Nationality: Canadian María Esther Heredia de Capovilla 14 September 1889 Guayaquil, Ecuador 27 August 2006 (aged 116 years, 347 days) Guayaquil, Ecuador Ecuatorian Name: Birth: Guayaquil Death: Nationality: Relatives Husband: Antonio Capovilla (1864-1949; aged 85) (m. 1917–1949) term LIFE Information provided by: Sources: | insurance

How to Achieve Longevity

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Living a long healthy life takes living a healthy lifestyle, the food you eat, the things you do and the attitude you have can effect your life span. This infographic takes a look at how to live a lon...


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