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Is Honesty its Own Reward?

Is Honesty Its Own Reward? We're the honest country, but what motivates us to do the right thing by each other? nab THE HONEST GUYS GET THE GIRLS 9 in 10 Aussies find honest people This is higher amongst women (95%) than men (90%), so the honest guys really do get the gtrls. Women (80%) are more likely than men (75%) to believe that they are not a very convincing liar. more attractive. 95% 90% 80% 75% WHY ARE AUSTRALIANS HONEST? 9 in 10 Aussies would hand in a wallet if it was found. The main reasons Aussies The main reasons Aussies would hand in a wallet are: would not hand in a wallet are: Would want someone to do the same It is the right thing for me thing to do To set a good example for children Know how painful it is to replace all your cards 100 – Other people wouldn't Because I want / need the money 80 4. 89% do it for me 79% It is good karma It's their Might get a reward for doing it 60 – Too own fault for losing their wallet much effort 59% 40 – 39% 20 – 29% 11% 19% -20 – 34% 46% -40 – 49% AUSSIES BELIEVE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE 84% of Aussies think good things are more likely to happen to good people. 16% No, I don't believe in karma. 49% Yes, I believe in karma. 36% Believe give good things happen to good people. of Aussies do the right thing to generate good Karma. 76% THE THINGS WE DO FOR KARMA Although most (59%) of us do the right thing to avoid bad Karma, it seems our belief in Karma is not always this direct. 93% belteve honesty is the best poltcy 59% 91% belteve those who are honest with their partners have the best relationships 80% belteve that people who tell the truth are rewarded in the long run 77% believe that people who don't lie have better lives than people who do 67% believe that in the long run, liars don't prosper 20 40 60 100 REWARDS FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING It seems that all adults want for doing the right thing is a warm, fuzzy feeling, and a nice smile. When asked what they considered to be a suitable reward: 59% 53% 32% Knowing you have done the right thing Knowing the world is a slightly better place for your actions A smile and a thank-you from someone 7% $, 26% 12% Showing a good example to your (or someone else's) kids Gaining good karma Money or financial compensation Find out how a NAB honest credit card rewards you at Survey commissioned by NAB as part of the June 2012 Honest Report: EI 2012 National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937. AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 230686 nab .......

Is Honesty its Own Reward?

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Australia's known for being an honest country but our reasons for doing the right thing are complex


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