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Holiday Tattoos

Ofoliday OTallos Seroll down fou monO ditaile Darren We can never abtai peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourelver Dalai Lama Holiday tattoos are the best kind of tattoos. Sunshine, sangria and a supportive group of friends have all worked together to convince you that a tattoo - any tattoo – is the thing you never knew you'd always wanted. But what to get? Some say that choosing a design to have permanently etched onto your body is a tough decision, but then, unlike you, whoever said that clearly didn't have a handy guide to help them. Use this cheat sheet to find the perfect tattoo for you and your holiday. Somcme's Ofribal pälten name Darren A Lad's holiday in Magaluf. A stag do in Malia. Every man must be familiar with the scenario: you've been pumping iron for the last few months in preparation for Ultimate Lads on Tour (insert year)'. You hit the club in your most revealing vest and get ready for the women-folk to flock around your Hulk-like biceps, but oddly, it doesn't happen. The problem is you're not drawing enough attention to yourself. This is why a tribal tattoo is perfect for you; the pointy black shapes in a typical tribal pattern act like arrows, leading all eyes to The great thing about name tattoos is that they work for everyone; after all, everyone knows someone with a name. Whether it's your mum, your girlfriend or your friend Mike, getting someone's name permanently emblazoned on your body is a great way of showing you care about them. Can't think of anyone you like that much? No problem! It's perfectly acceptable to get your own name as a tattoo. your enormous guns. Grrrr. You get a name tattooed in a foreign language to make it look more mysterious. OBemus poits i You're also a fan of mixed martial arts. OTower back Talloo Ofetal for: A girls' holiday in Ibiza. The lower back tattoo has gained some unfair and rather unpleasant nicknames over time – we won't mention them here as they really are quite unsavoury. Still, the truth of the matter is that a tattoo on the lower back is one of the prettiest and most ladylike inkings available, particularly given that most adopt lovely swirly designs, flowers and butterflies. OBonus potits You and the other bridesmaids get matching tattoos on the small of your back as a show of sisterly solidarity. OThe Ofimgeritache Sealiow OJiteal for: Backpacking in Cambodia. All avian-themed tattoos are great, but if you're hoping to channel that distinctive vintage sailor feel whilst ensuring that A bike tour of Berlin. Most people would find drawing a tiny moustache on the side of their finger and holding it to their upper lip funny once or twice before the novelty wore off. Congratulate yourself: you are not one of these fickle people. The level of commitment you feel for this visual gag is exemplary, and your decision to get it permanently etched on your body will show the world that at any given moment, hilarious banter is likely to gush forth from your mouth. everyone you meet is in no doubt that you are a free spirit, nothing other than the bappy-go-lucky swallow will do. Onlookers (probably the same ones that mock your taste for French films and vintage knitwear) might call you out on your lack of originality, but it doesn't matter – a carefree soul like you won't let the haters get you down. You get a monocle tattooed on the index finger and thumb of your other hand. You get it on your wrist, hips or one on each shoulder. OReigious aymbols OJiteal for: A stay in a Tibetan monastery. Tattoos of religious symbols are perfect for showing people your spiritual side without going through the effort of actually becoming religious. Whether you choose to go for a nice hand of Fatima on the back of your neck, a Hindu emblem or a Buddhist symbol, it's been proven that you become 40 per cent more interesting when you get a religious tattoo. You have one tattoo for each major religion, thus showing that you are truly a citizen of the world. Онинe Chinese OThe OMeaningful quoto G symbols Odeal fo: Holidays in any part of the world Soul-searching road trips across the US. apart from China. "Words, words, words" Hamlet famously said, and what he meant by that is words are great, but they're even better if you steal them from someone more intelligent than you. The easiest way to find the right quote for you is to Google famous quotes" then pick whatever sounds the cleverest and most mysterious. When it comes to Chinese tattoos, it doesn't really matter what they mean, just as long as they look really cool. Tattoo artists know this, and are often wise enough to pick out the most interesting looking characters, regardless of their meanings. The closest you've ever been to experiencing Chinese culture is watching the first half hour of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. OZemus poits : * It's from a book that you've never read. * It's in a language you don't speak. * You have half a quote and your partner has the other half. Delphin OJiteal for: Snorkelling in Key West. You might have worried that the trend for dolphin tattoos had died out with all the other great fads of the 90s, but fear not, the dolphin is alive and well. Spoilsports will warn you that the tattoo on your tummy won't survive the ravages of time, and that at some point in the future your carefree dolphin will look more like a whale sinking south with a fatal case of swim bladder disease. Killjoys like this should be avoided at all costs. You have two dolphins encircling your belly button, thus creating a desirable 'whirlpooľ effect. Oital for: A full-moon party in Thailand. If you want a tattoo but aren't sure of what would suit you, just say it with stars. Whether small or large, swirly or plain, stars make great tattoos - everyone loves them, after all. If anyone questions you on the meaning of your star tattoo, just make something up about how you love to spend time gazing up at the sky, contemplating the wonders of the universe. Star tattoos are also a great investment for the future, as if you ever decide you want another tattoo, you can add another star to your constellation belt. Some stars are just an outline and others are blacked in. 貴 富

Holiday Tattoos

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The 10 most popular holiday tattoos compiled by On The Beach.


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