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History of Men's Fashion

THE HISTORY OF FASHION 17TH CENTURY (1600s) Charles Il introduces the men's dress code for English courts. Men would now be expected to wear a long coat, a waistcoat, a cravat, a wig and knee breeches (trousers). 19TH CENTURY (1800s) The frock coat came into style in the early 19th century, towards the end of the century this morphed into the looser and more comfortable 'Morning Coat' In the late 19th century the dinner jacket was invented and started to be worn to informal events. EARLY 20TH CENTURY (1900s) The informal 'lounge suit' born of the dinner jacket, gained hugely in popularity and was starting to be worn as day wear in the guise of the looser 'sack suit', with wide trousers with big cuffs the order of the day. 1940s - 1950s With the rationing of fabrics due to the war, suits became more streamlined and avoided extravagant displays of wealth that could be seen as ostentatious. Lapels and trousers slimmed down, and turn-ups were considered wasteful. 1960s - 1970s After the oppression of many years of shortages was over, suits rebelled in the 60's using bright fabrics, bold prints, huge flares and big lapels. Loose leisure suits were created for a more comfortable and casual attire. 1980s - 1990s A business boom in the 80's made the suit the armour of choice for men in high-flying corporate positions of power. Big shoulder pads, and large double breasted jackets made them larger than life. The 90's took oversized trends and made them more looser, more comfortable and devil-may-care, the advent of 'smart-casual 2000s AND BEYOND Better technology creates new fabrics that give a little stretch, meaning that the looser styles were no longer necessary in order to be comfortable all day. Men of style adopt a sartorial elegance that had been missing in recent decades. These days, dressing in a suit is more of an occasion than wearing comfortable jeans, announcing to the world that you have somewhere important to be. mgs MEN'S GIFT COMPANY .the men's gift specialists

History of Men's Fashion

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Timeline guiding you through men's fashion from the 1600s to the modern day.


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