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The History Of The Honda NSX

THE HISTORY OF THE HONDA NSX The original Honda NSX was of the most exciting sports cars of the 1990's, however to the dismay of many, it was discontinued in 2005. More than 10 years on and Honda are about to release a brand new NSX which looks to help the car make the step up to becoming a fully fledged supercar. To see just how far the NSX has come here is a look back at the history of all the NSX releases, from its initial 1990 model through to the rip-roaring 2016 model. 1990: ORIGINAL HONDA NSX P 3.0L V6 The original NSX was the first sports car to have an entirely aluminium body making it 200kg lighter than a steel body. The car additionally boasted the world's first production car engine with titanium connecting rods, forged pistons and ultra high-revving capabilities - all traits usually 270bhp @ 71O0rpm ) 210lb/ft @ 5500rpm 0-60: 5.7sec associated with track and race engineered motor cars. Top Speed: 167mph 1992 (JDM): HONDA NSX-R HONDA For those NSX customers seeking a 3.OL V6 no-compromise racing experience, Honda produced a version of the NSX specifically modified for superior on-track performance at the expense of customary creature comforts, weighing 120kg less than the original. 280bhp @ 7300rpm O 206.5lb/ft @ 5400rpm f1) 0-60: 4.9sec Top Speed: 17Omph 1995: HONDA NSX -T PED NSK Honda's NSX-T was the first NSX 3.OL V6 model to boast a convertible roof. Removing the roof meant slight destabilisation of the chassis and, as such, extra weight was added to compensate for this. 270bhp @ 710Orpm C9 210lb/ft @ 5300rpm (1) 0-60: 5.7sec Top Speed: 165mph 1997: HONDA NSX RST 301 A 3.2L V6 The 1997 update saw a new engine give a boost of power to the NSX and saw the biggest performance upgrades for all Honda's worldwide markets. These upgrades also also led to the development of sportier models; the S type in Japan and 290bhp @ 7100rpm ) 224lb/ft @ 5500rpm the 1999 Alex Zanardi in the USA. (1) 0-60: 5.Osec Top Speed: 17Omph 2002: HONDA NSX The NSX received a facelift in 2002 A 3.2L V6 and was fine tuned to squeeze a slightly higher top speed out of the 3.2 V6 which the Honda had been 290bhp @ 71oOrpm using since 1997. O 224lb/ft @ 5500rpm (19 0-60: 5.Osec Top Speed: 175mph 2002: HONDA NSX-R ONGEN ONBE ONR номрA The 2002 NSX-R was fine tuned to 3.2L V6 give drivers the most responsive NSX to date. Honda trimmed 290bhp @ 7300rpm another 10KG from the weight, sharpened the steering, hardened the suspension and improved C) 224lb/ft @ 5300rpm acceleration. (19 0-60: 4.8sec The NSX in all forms was discontinued in 2005. Top Speed: 175mph 2016: NSX HYBRID SUPERCAR 3.5L V6 Just like the original NSX which was forward thinking due to its aluminium body, the brand new 2016 NSX has a hybrid petrol/electric engine which is hoped will change the way people view supercars. Twin Turbo 3x Electric Motors In the words of Honda, “Hot to handle, the NSX is a lean performance supercar - tuned for racetrack and road. The NSX is a 550bhp @ 7500rpm O 406lb/ft New Sports eXperience that puts you first in every aspect of its design." 0-60: 2.9sec Expected Price: £150,000.00 Top Speed: 191mph A NEW BREED OF SUPER CAR NSX DID YOU KNOW? The Honda NSX is considered as one of the most reliable exotic cars ever manufactured, with many vehicles exceeding 100,000 miles without serious reliability issues. Honda's breakthrough engineering in the NSX was a major contributor to the design of the McLaren F1. Since the start of it's production, the NSX has been used as a safety car at both the Suzuka Circuit and at Twin Ring Motegi, Honda's other circuit. Sources: Сох моток COX MOTOR PARTS Honda NSX Timeline brought to you by Cox Motor Parts:

The History Of The Honda NSX

shared by brockbankjames on Feb 24
To celebrate the launch of the brand new Honda NSX, here's an infographic which looks at the history of the model, right back from the 1990 original model right through to the forthcoming NSX Hybrid!


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