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The History of BOSS Compact Pedals | Roland Boss

OBOSS proudly presents the BRIEF) HISTORY BOSS COMPACTS In 1978 Boss released an effect pedal that changed music forever. The OD-1 was the first ever overdrive pedal, but it was also the first to feature the iconic Boss Compact design. Since then, Boss has released 100 pedals which have become the tools of the guitarist's trade. Below, we celebrate the legacy and the timeless design that still endures in a fast-changing world. So here's to all the late nights, the sore fingers, the inspired riffs and the crazy memories. Guitarists of the world – we salute you! Product Timeline Introduced at TE-2 Swactene 100 Tera Echo NAMM The Tera Echo PEDAL is a unique delay pedal with a lush sound that reacts to the way you play via MDP technology DA-2 MO-2 2013 • new release O still in production * production ceased 2012 Digital sales surpass physical music sales BC-2 FB-2 RC-3 2011 hits TU-3 1 BILLION PS-6 users ST-2 BARACK OBAMA FRV-1 *** inaugurated as the first African-American President 2009 of the United States RADCHEAD . release DD-7 In Rainbows, a downloadable "pay what you want" album 2008 DN-2 FBM-1 FDR-1 2007 FZ-5 ML-2 AC-3 • 2006 RC-2 Loatign First compact built with Roland's COSM® The LoopStation lets you build up a performance layer by layer - Acoustie Simulator technology, turning your electric into a variety of O'11 beautiful acoustics an instant best-seller 2005 You launched Tube 2004 SYB-5 launched OC-3 iTunes store opens 2003 BF-3 2002 RV-5 DD-6 80. MD-2 2001 First AW-3 PH-3 Apple iPod napster PS-5 launched O'10 1999 TU-2 comat chrounea myspace launched The first chromatic tuner Google in a pedal, instantly - became the industry standard and has probably graced every major stage in the world 1998 * '10 founded TR-2 AC-2 1997 FZ-3 OD-3 * "06 '99 BD-2 1996 PW-2 SYB-3 XT-2 Designed for bluesy, responsive tube tone. the drive level is oriv '00 '01 '98 controlled by your picking dynamics LMB-3 GEB-7 DD-5 1995 '03 KURT COBAIN dead at PS-3 RV-3 ODB-3 1994 OD-2R HR-2 O '02 27 O'99 '99 FZ-2 HM-3 1993 SD-2 O'98 86. METALLICA The Black Album CEB-3 1992 NIRVANA Nevermind GRUNCE MT-2 PQ-4 PQ-3B metAL AW-2 CE-5 LS-2 '97 1991 '95 66.- ЕН-2 LM-2B OS-2 PN-2 '98 94 90 CH-1 RV-2 The Classic BOSS First digital reverb pedal on the market. It was originally sold with a power supply as it used so much power! +ourUT Digital Reverb NPUT4 chorus sound - used SUPER Chorus on countless hit records 1989 O '90 First Compact Disc Single in the UK 1988 DC-3 The FALL of the BERLIN WALL O '93 CE-2B BF-2B GE-7B LM-2 NS-2 PS-2 DS-2 MZ-2 1987 O '95 O '94 O 95 O'92 O '94 O '92 DSD-3 DD-3 1986 CS-3 FT-2 '88 '88 DSD-2 OD-2 1985 HF-2 DC-2 O '86 O '94 O '95 O '89 DM-3 DF-2 PH-2 1984 DD-2 First digital delay pedal ever made! Discontinued in '86, O '94 -OumuT Digital Delay '01 88, but relaunched almost unchanged as the DD-3 and is still popular. PSM-5 НМ-2 1983 O '99 O '91 O '86 DM-2 1982 OC-2 VB-2 CE-3 Analog delay, from subtle slap-back to sci-fi, this pedal sounds awesome. OUTPUT INFUT Delay O '03 '86 O'92 Dm-2 Instant kudos if one graces your board. 84 1981 SD-1 GE-7 CS-2 O'86 , launched Death of JOHN LENNON BF-2 PH-1R O '01 NF-1 SG-1 CE-2 *'88 *'82 '82 OD-1 1979 release HE The first ever Overdrive pedal, and the one that introduced to the World Over Drive the now legendary BOSS compact design. DS-1 The most iconic effect of Distortion all time? A true classic O '85 1978 for over 30 years! Is yours the 'short-dash' or the rare 'long-dash'? Death of KEITH MOON PH-1 GE-6 CS-1 TW-1 SP-1 O '81 *'81 '81 27 SeX PISTOAS Death of STAR WARS sacked by EMI is born Elvis release Life Before BOSS But there is also a long-forgotten era known as BC (a.k.a. Before Compacts) where the ancestors of the Boss Compact pedal competed for survival. How many have you seen? Roland Guitar Pedals BC BOSS Pedals (1972 - 1975) (1976 -1977) Roland AF-100 BeeBaa Boss GE-10 Graphic Equalizer Roland AF-60 BeeJee Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble Roland AP-2 Phase II Boss BF-1 Flanger Roland AS-1 Sustainer Boss DB-5 Boss Driver Roland AW-10 wah Beat Roland AP-5 Phase Five Roland AP-7 Jet Phaser www.Boss.Info All trademarks are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. © 2013 UBOS D.

The History of BOSS Compact Pedals | Roland Boss

shared by Russell_rolanduk on Feb 04
A complete history of Boss compact pedals in one place, since 1977. There are over 100 pedals in its chronological list with a lot of interesting facts along the timeline.


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