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The History Of Barbeque

The History of BARBEQUE (BBQ Bar-B-Q Barbie also known as 15TH CENTURY: ORIGIN OF THE WORD By the time the Spanish had landed in the Caribbean, the natives had perfected the art of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform resting on sticks. Their sacred fire pit, or "barabicu", was adopted by the Spanish and called "barbacoa." 9 When Caribbean pirates later arrived on southern shores, they cooked animals on a spit-like devise that ran “from whiskers to tail" or "barbe a que" The first recorded use of the word "barbeque" was by the British buccaneer William Dapier in 1697 (According to the Oxford English Dictionary) 19TH CENTURY: BBQ IN AMERICA DESIGN OTER The culinary technique took off in the south as Europeans and Africans migrated to America. Pork was the primary meat for cooking, but cattle introduced from Europe was also popular. It spread west with cowboys and cattle drives. In colonial times, slow-cooking was a COvenient and cheap way to prepare poor cuts of meat. Petrated Ang a In 1897, Ellsworth B. A. Zwoyer of Pennsylvania patented a design for charcoal briquettes As barbeque methods were introduced throughout the United States, different regions developed different styles. The four main styles are named after their origins: Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, and Texas. TODAY.. MOST POPULAR FOODS FOR BARBECUING: (% of all barbecuers) The most 2010 burgers popular holidays for barbecuing are, in order: INDEPENDENCE DAY 80% MEMORIAL DAY steak LABOR DAY 80% hot dogs 79% MOST POPULAR TOOLS OF THE TRADE: long-handled tongs, forks, long-handled spatulas, grill-cleaning brushes chicken 73% MOST POPULAR GRILLED SIDES: corn (41%), potatoes (41%), other vegetables (32%)

The History Of Barbeque

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This infographic provides information for the history of the barbeque. It explains where the origins of the word are from and it also shows how and what people are barbecuing today.


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