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High Spirits or Holiday Stress?

HIGH SPIRITS OR HOLIDAY STRESS? USING PERSONALITY TYPE TO BANISH HOLIDAY STRESS & BOOST OVERALL CHEER But don't forsake the mistletoe yet. Scrooge wasn't the only one to experience a rough holiday season. During the holidays most understanding personality type can help us of us stress out, and often about similar things -- the American Psychological Association cited lack of time (67%) and money (62%) as biggest common stressors'. Yet, how we each respond to holiday stress can be so different that you may miss signs of stress in co-workers, loved ones...even yourself! predict and manage our own and others' stress. The following tips from CPP, the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs® assessment, will help you calm nerves, spread merriment, and boost cheer to make this holiday season the happiest of all. PART I: HOLIDAY STRESS When asked about their OFTEN SOMETIMES holiday stressors, survey respondents narrowed down two top contenders: 67 62 LACK OF TIME 30 LACK OF MONEY 27 Other stressors ranked as shown in the chart below. 53 47 COMMERCIALISM OR HYPE 26 PRESSURE OF GIVING OR GETTING GIFTS 16 FAMILY GATHERINGS 14 44 STAYING ON A DIET 17 37 INCREASING MY CREDIT CARD DEBT 17 35 TRAVEL 10 34 MY CHILDREN 30 RECOGNIZE POSSIBLE STRESS RESPONSES No, it's not just something you ate! Our stress reactions can rear themselves in unexpected, seemingly random ways. Often people's type-related response to stress appears as an exaggerated version of their type. Watch out for these possible signs of stress for your type so you know when to take a break?: TYPE SIGNS OF STRESS REMEDY May obsess about unimportant information or appear dogmatic. ISTJ Take some time alone to appreciate the details around you. Or think about other times when stressful situations ended positively. ISFJ ESTP May speak and act without thinking, or be blunt or curt. Don't forget to ask others for help, even if all you need is a little reassurance. ESFP May force data to fit their pattern or be driven inward. INFJ Be sure to schedule some downtime or time INTJ for yourself to reenergize. ENFP ENTP May want to change just for the sake of novelty. Or may feel so swamped with options that they're unable to make decisions. Pay attention to your physical needs, such as exercise, and remember that sometimes it's OK to say no. ISTP May get lost in concentration or become very detached. Take time to regroup. Try to mentally take yourself out of the situation for a different vantage point. INTP ESTJ ENTJ May feel everything must be rational. Or may oversimplify for the sake of clarity. Try doing some physical activity or talking to someone close to you. May become rescuers. Can become hypersensitive and isolate themselves. ISFP Spend as much time alone as you need. Focus on what's right rather than what's wrong. INFP ESFJ ENFJ May become intrusive or prying. Can lose focus and become Talk things over with someone outside the situation and be sure to take time to refocus on scattered. your values. To learn more about MBTI type and stress, visit PART 2: TRAVELING TO VISIT FAMILY Nearly three quarters of Americans plan to travel this holiday season, ranking visiting family a priority over gifts³. The most popular cost saving methods this holiday season include: DEC 3/4 39% 35% Traveling on off-peak days Staying with family/ friends for at least part of their trip of travelers plan to check an extra piece of luggage to either take or bring back holiday gifts The average family of four plans to travel with at least one computing device per person- with nearly half expecting to pack a combination of at least seven smartphones, tablets and laptops. 69% ONCE YOU REACH YOUR DESTINATION, MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR VISIT BY REMEMBERING THESE TIPS FOR SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY. ww If you're energized by the outer world (Extraversion preference), If you're energized by reflecting on your inner world (Introversion preference), try accommodating externally focused guests by: ww accommodate more reflective friends and family by: • Practicing active listening skills • Providing pauses in the conversation for others to join in when they're ready • Respecting the need for privacy if someone isn't immediately sharing • Acknowledging that you're listening with cues: nod, smile, maintain eye contact, etc. • Anticipating "thinking out loud," understanding that these thoughts may not be 100% complete • Focusing on discussing topics you're comfortable with and know well If you tend to make decisions using logic and analysis (Thinking preference), accommodate the more values- driven decision makers by: If you tend to make decisions based on your values (Feeling preference), flex to your more analysis-driven loved ones by: • Being honest and frank with your comments, as well as positive • Not feeling threatened when someone challenges or debates • Showing the cause-and-effect with pros • Focusing on the people involved: find out what is valued and important • Knowing when to provide feedback gently and critique behaviors, not people • Acknowledging others' feelings and values, not analyzing them and cons Want more warm and fuzzy MBTI type tidbits? Visit PART 3: GIFT GIVING $801 average amount Americans plan to spend on Christmas gifts in 20137 $229B $290.8 MILLION 12.7% TOTAL SALES $419M 18.3% By Adobe's estimates, mobile accounted for Cyber Monday sales this year were estimated at $2.29B spent online. That's a $419 million, or 18.3% of online sales. Tablets accounted shopping record, compared to the $1.93B spent online on Black Friday*. new for $290.8 million of that spending, or 12.7% of overall online sales". Either way, it's a lot of money! You could take the Scrooge route and dismiss it as another "excuse for picking a man's pocket," or... you could use personality type to help make purchases that people will truly value. 41% *** of US online adults read reviews for ideas and inspiration for gifts. ADVICE FOR FINDING "THE PERFECT GIFT" BY TYPE Because the MBTI® helps you understand what other people find most valuable, it can also help you with gift ideas that resonate best with people having those types of preferences! SFs tend to be practical and sympathetic. STs tend to be STJ practical and logical. SFJ When you're buying for STs, look for When you're buying for SFs, look for gifts that are practical and personal. Often SFs appreciate knowing that you remembered a special interest of theirs. For SFs, it SFP STP gifts that they would find practical and useful. Often STs like gadgets – but useful ones. For STs, that grill fork with a built-in digital thermometer might just be the perfect gift! ESFP ESTP truly is the thought that counts! ESTJ ESFJ NFs tend to be innovative and NTs tend to be innovative INFJ empathetic. INTJ and logical. When you're buying for NFs, look for gifts that are unique and personal. Often NFs appreciate gifts that reflect who they are and what they value. For NFs, it doesn't have to be practical to be valued! When you're buying for NTs, look for gifts that are unique and thought- provoking. Often NTs appreciate gifts that are innovative in design or creation. For NTs, whether it's a book or a INFP INTP ENTP ENFP coffee mug, it needs to stimulate their intellect! ENFJ ENTJ 800-624-1765 : : The Myers-Briggs experts 1. 2. Signs of Stress, MBTI® CP Participant's Resource Guide: pg 91 -94. CPP. Inc. 2009, Remedies, In the Grip: Understanding Type, Stress and the Inferior Function, Grip Reactions and Remedies tables, CPP, Inc. 2010. 3 http: 3. costs-orbitz-predicts-strong-2013-holiday-travel-43257 4. online-spending-record myers briggs. The people development people. cpp i Media 5. Social Media Emerges As Major Source of Holiday Gift- Giving Ideas,, Added: 11/28/2012 from CONSUMERSEARCH Published: 11/14/2012 Copyright 2013 by CPP, Inc. All rights reserved. Myers-Briggs, MBTI, and the Myers Briggs logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Myers & Briggs Foundation. The CPP logo is a trademark or registered trademark of CPP, Inc. 6. Adobe's Digital Index by Adobe Systems Inc. is based on the vendor's s Digital analysis of nearly 900M visits to more than 2,000 retail websites. 7. 29th Annual Survey on Holiday Spending by the American Research Group, Inc. http://americanrese 8. Kerwin, Patrick, Finding That Perfect Gift from

High Spirits or Holiday Stress?

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During the holidays most of us stress about similar things – the American Psychological Association cited lack of time (67%) and money (62%) as biggest common stressors. Yet, how we individually res...


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