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Happiness in Arab World

WHAT COULD HAPPEN GNI: Gross National Income es RANKING OF COUNTRIES GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS (GNH) to GNH: Gross National Happiness. The average response fromo-10 for the life evaluation survey, with o representing the worst possible life and 10 representing the best possible. The question was posed to an average of 1,000 persons over the age of 1s per country in over 150 countries. be Denmark = and o- to Sri vorkers place Len, live rth? pout. ght, of the =port, vides iness, ss and plica- Hations, E, has d Gross UNITED ARAB EMIRATES GNI: $59,993 GNH: 7 SAUDI ARABIA -GNI: $23,274 GNH: 6,7 0,846 ure- QATAR ly, ssessed ntry's GNI: $107,721 GNH: 6,5 0,770 0,831 duction vith refore, asure ed on vices rtain alation. 92 arch- a poor 's sarily for its JORDAN TUNISIA LEBANON 101 IRAQ GNI: $5,300 GNH: 5,8 GNI: $7,281 GNH: 5,1 GNI: $13,076 GNH: 5,1 GNI: $3,177 GNH: 4,9 107 0,698 0,698 0,739 er of 0,573 onomic 120 n the niner- e dia- nation's devel- ucture. the untry. and ntry's put it EGYPT GNI: $5,269 GNH: 4,8 SYRIA YEMEN PALESTINE GNI: $4,243 GNH: 4,8 0,644 GNI: $2,213 GNH: 4,5 GNI: $2,656 GNH: 4,6 0,632 wor 0,462 Human Develapment 0,641 Togo 156 nde 075 ISSUE 0 IL H.

Happiness in Arab World

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An infographic about the GNH —Gross National Happiness— average in the arab world.


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