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Hairstyles of ITB Seni Rupa

33 out 200 the hairstyles of RESEARCH BRIEFING Seni rupa itb students have been kuown for their wique oppearence. and onie of those unigeness forms hairstyles. That's wky we decided to research this lairstyle phenomenon in catagorizing method. SENI RUPA ITB 2010 RESEARCH SUBJECTS 16 % This research was based on 33 samples - out of the 200 seni rupa itb population. these 33 samples kave exceptional kairstyle. 51% 21% 16% 12% The ВЕСКНAМ KANYE The The MARLEY CENJI The SHAVED SIDES TO BACK, SLEEK TOP BUZZ CUT ALL-AROUNDER SCALP-PICHER TWIST DREADLOCK BUZZED SIDES, SLEEK EXTERIOR WHY? PREP WHY? PREP WHY? PREP WHY? PREP 10out of 17 people chooses their oue motivotion os the reason bekind tkis hairstyle. 17out of 17 people olaims ikat anly needed 66 meieutes to prep their kair. hout of 7 poople chooses cheir oe weotivation as the reason bekind chin kairstylo. Fout of 7 people claimes chot they anly needed 10- 60 meinutes to prep their kair. 4out of 5 people ckooses tkeir oue Hotivation is tke reason bekind tkis kairstyla. Fout of 7 people stated tkat tkey need more chon 180 miutes to create dreads. 4out of 4 people chooses their oue Heotivation as tke reatan bekind chis kairstyls. 4out of 4 peaple claines ehat they anly neoded 10- 60 misutes to prep tkeir kair. MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE MAINTENANCE 36% respondents gpends up to 260.000 rupisks ie kairstylo maintenance. 50% of respondauts pends frome 20.000 to 100.000 kupiaks ie mainterance, 100% respondents spends only up to 20.000 rupiaks ie kair mainteKance. 90% ropondents ypends fram 26.000 - 100.000 hupiaks for maintenance. SIDE-EFFECTS SIDE-EFFECTS SIDE-EFFECTS SIDE-EFFECTS 30% regpondents oaimes that there are somce negative sido-effects of it. 100% respondents clains tkat tkere are none Kegative side-effects of it. 100% regpondents claims chat there are some negative side-effects of it. 100% respondants claines that there are nOne Hegative side-effects of it. APPROVALS APPROVALS APPROVALS APPROVALS 64% of respondents kave opproval from ekeir parents lated to tkeir kairstyla. 58% of respondenes'kave opproval frome their parents helated to tkeir kairstyle. 80% of repondents'does Hot kave eoporoval from their parents related to tkeir kairstyle. 50% of respondenes kove opproval frome their parents kolated to their kairstyle. CONCLUSION PROS • CONS TIME CONSUMPTION THE BECKHAM THE KANYE 80% of total sample hairstyles needs 10-60 minutes to form. FAVORABLE, 51% OF RESPONDENTS QUICK PREP, 90% 10-60 MINUTES PREP. Pros: ligh opproval points, looks good on anjbody. prepping considerably easy. Cous: Cost alot in maintensnce, hair gels. not exactly unigue, alot of duplicate. Pros: Abfondable, easy to prop. theres barely any prepping at all. a safe hairstyle. Cons: Low forn maintenance, guick growth of the hair. form depends in each skull. COST CONSUMPTION 60% of total sanple hairstyles cost up to 100.000 rupiahs. THE MARLEY THE GENJI HIGHEST COST, 90% 200.000 RUPIAHS. OVERALL APPROVAL MOST UNIQUE, 4 OUT OF 33 PEOPLE USING IT. 50% of total somple hairstyles are approved by enviroment. Pros: Long lasting form, fersatile prep. can be done anywhere. Cous: Takes tie to prep, needs hair gel to prop. unigue yet hard to pull off. Pros: Unigue, makes defined statemet. Cons: Physical damage ou scalp, takes long to prep. low opproval and high cost.

Hairstyles of ITB Seni Rupa

shared by Priadinta on Oct 11
an infographic about my faculty's hairstyle varieties of it's students. i devided the most preferable hairstyle and catagorized it.




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