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Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People

HABITS OF UNSUCCESSFUL Vs PEOPLE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE HABITS OF UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Think they know it all Act before they Think Fear Change Try to Bring others Down Give Up Easily Horde to their level Talk more than they Listen information Stop Learning & data Think, Say Waste their Time Blame others & Get Distracted Do Negative Things Everyday Criticize Secretly hope other Fail Hold a Have a sense of Entitlement Never Grudge set goals Take the Don't know Easy Way Out what they want to be Always angry on others HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Track progress Have Burning Desire Learn from Mistakes Work with Passion, Commitment Spend time with Right People Learn, improve, read everyday Maintain Proper Balance in Life Take risks Write down Goal & Targets Handle problems well Think long term Being humble Compliment others Share information and data Make to-do lists Exude joy Know Purpose & mission Forgive others Want others to succeed Talk about ideas Accept responsibility for Embrace change their failure CHANCES OF SUCCESS 100% I Did 90% 0% I Am I Won't 80% 10% I Can I Can't 20% I Don't I Think I Can Know 70% how 30% I wish I could I Might I Want I Think 60% to I Might 40% 50% Designed by

Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People

shared by ashleyjames on Oct 13
A very interesting info-graphic about the Habits of the World's Successful and Unsuccessful People.




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