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The Habits of Home – Interacting With Your Energy

THE HABITS of HOME IMPLEMENTING A CHANGE in energy consumption today will impact your world tomorrow. The average home energy bill $2000 for an American family of 4... per year BEDROOM 20% of your annual electricity bill is from LIGHTING 47 lightbulbs in the average American HOUSEHOLD hours per day are spent with the LIGHTS ON WHAT'S YOUR BULB TYPE? INCANDESCENT CFL LED (.74 KWH) (.15 KWH) (.11 KWH) 8¢ 1.7¢ 1.2¢ per 12 hours per 12 hours per 12 hours BATHROOM 80-100 6 MIN in the shower uses gallons of water are used by an average person EVERY DAY 15 GALLONS SHOWER HEADS STANDARD WATER-EFFICIENT 2.5GPM 2GPM 60 48 vs GALLONS/DAY GALLONS/DAY (17,520 gallons/yr) (21,900 gallons/yr) $64 The average person flushes the toilet A family of four flushes the toilet spent in toilet flushes 2000 8000 PER YEAR ($2 per 1000 gallons) PER YEAR PER YEAR 32000 gallons used PER YEAR LIVING ROOM The average central AC unit uses roughly I 2800 SSS KWH/YEAR 10500 2 IN 3 5% CUBIC FEET homes in the of natural gas is used to heat homes during FALL/WINTER of all electricity produced in the U.S. is used by United States have AIR CONDITIONERS AIR CONDITIONERS HOME OFFICE 1KW PER 12 HOURS Energy used by leaving your computer on (or asleep) KITCHEN REFRIGERATORS the single biggest power consumer in most households. OLDER ENERGY STAR MODELS MODELS 1700 700 VS KWH/YEAR KWH/YEAR 100OLBS/YEAR Reduced CO2 emissions SAVINGS Ceiling fans running nonstop only cost 1 cent/day and are capable of making a room 3-8 degrees cooler. Switch to high-efficiency air conditioners to keep your home cool and reduce your energy use by 20% to 50%. Install a smart thermostat to save up to $180/yr. A programmable thermostat can save you 15% or $90/year. Switch your computer off when you're not using it to save anywhere from $20-$40 a year. Fix drips in the shower and throughout the bathroom. A leak of one drop per second can cost you a $1/month. Identify and seal air leaks in your home to save you up to $300/yr. on heating and cooling costs. BRIGHT IDEAS * Convert to Energy Star everything * Seal and insulate your home * Completely fill the dishwasher before running it * Take shorter showers/avoid baths * Don't use your toilet as a wastebasket * Use lids while cooking * Switch to CFL and LED lightbulbs SOURCES http://homeguides. http://water.ungs g /html/costs.htm http:/ plogs/money/201 -home-percapita.html y/2011/10/27/141766341/the-price-of-electricity-in-your-state Constellation. // An Exelon Company © 2015. Constellation Energy Resources, LLC. All rights reserved.

The Habits of Home – Interacting With Your Energy

shared by StaceySD on Sep 09
“The Habits of Home,” shares a few of the staggering statistics about just how much energy the average household uses and how seemingly simple changes can make a big difference on your electric bi...




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