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The growth in popularity of TV On demand

The Growth in Popularity of TV ON DEMAND Admit it. You've done it. Watched TV when it worked for you, On Demand. On your DVR, from VOD, from Netflix. It's a beautiful thing! We here at Vubiquity feed the pipeline of TV PAY on demand, and, as a link between The People Who Make TV Content and The People Who Deliver It (meaning your cable, telephone or satellite provider), we make it our business to track what's going on. Here are some of our recent findings:* HOW PEOPLE WATCH TV So many options for watching TV these days! The addition of On Demand and "anywhere" viewing is taking a toll on live television – now less than half of all TV viewing is done live. 22% Shows on a DVR 14% 44% On Demand Whats airing on TV right now 6% 5% Online source Shows stored on PC, tablet or phone 7% Other DVD/ Blu-ray PEOPLE LOVE VOD Move over, DVR. You're still hot, but in order of preference, VOD is what people value most from their multichannel video providers. Value of services & subscriptions 62% 60% 10% 14% 55% 30% 47% 30% 40% 33% PEOPLE ARE SPENDING MORE TIME WATCHING VOD Despite all the other ways that video can now be consumed, a quarter of viewers said they were spending more time watching VOD in 2012 than they did the year before. 26% Spent more time watching than year ago PEOPLE LIKE THE FREE STUFF! As VOD viewing goes, more of us are watching more of it, more often. One category, however, is way up: Free broadcast and cable programs. % increase since 2010 +6% +1% +9% +3% +10% +7% +10% +3% +5% +4% 72% 72% 68% 68% 65% 60% 57% 54% 47% 22% 2012 PAY PAY Premium Content Free Movies Free Broadcast Programs Free Cable Programs Pay Movies EVER WATCH WATCHED WEEKLY+ VOD HELPS PEOPLE DISCOVER NEW SHOWS Most people find TV the old fashioned way: by tuning in live, on television, at the time a show airs. With all the TV content now available On Demand, however, consumers understand they can turn to VOD to discover and catch up on the TV they may have originally missed. Nearly 20% of VOD users discovered new shows this way. 69% How people first started watching programs On TV, live, when it aired On Demand Any online source 4% Recorded from TV 6% On a computer 19% 14% 3% 15% +9 3% 7% Since 2010 On a tablet On a smartphone TV connected to Internet On DVD/Blu-ray WHAT'S ON VOD? ..EVERYTHING! Being highly satisfied with the amount of available and recent TV content On Demand didn't use to be the case. In the last couple of years, however, multichannel video providers and networks added huge amounts of content to VOD including full seasons of shows and new series. And people noticed: Of people believe 65% that anything they want to see is easily available on VOD. OOO VUBIQUITY See Opportunity Everywhere *Based on results from a Vubiquity/Frank N. Magid Associates online survey of 1600 people in the US, December 2012, with tracking numbers from October 2010 ( SPANISH LANGUAGE TIER 3D CHANNELS TV EVERYWHERE (NETWORK) TV EVERYWHERE (SERVICE PROVIDER) SPORTS TIER L SUNDAY TICKET PREMIUM CHANNELS HD CHANNELS DVR

The growth in popularity of TV On demand

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Admit it. You’ve done it. Watched TV when it worked for you, On Demand. On your DVR, from VOD, from Netflix. It’s a beautiful thing!




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