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A Grandparent's Guide To Digital Etiquette

f A GRANDPARENT'S GUIDE TO DIGITAL ETIQUETTE KEEPING CAPS LOCK ON IF YOU TAKE CAPS LOCK OFF IT WON'T READ LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING EVERYTHING! PRESS THE BUTTON TO THE LEFT THAT READS "CAPS LOCK". There we go.. LIKING YOUR OWN POSTS It's assumed that you have an interest in whatever you may be posting, so there is no need to physically "Like" it yourself! 1 ADDING EVERYBODY AS A FRIEND Social media allows us to connect with long lost friends and family, but that doesn't mean you have to add every single person that pops up in the "People You May Know" section.! POSTING BY ACCIDENT What's on your mind? We've all seen it. Whether it's posting a name instead of searching for it or just incomprehensible letters and emojis, the accidental post is a staple among the digital newcomer. Post SHARING QUIZ RESULTS The quiz may have nailed the fact that you are indeed EXACTLY like Rachel from Friends, but is this the sort of vital information that everybody needs to know? SIGNING OFF EVERY COMMENT WITH From: Dad NAME AND KISSES I hope you are It doesn't matter if it's a post, tweet, text or comment - it's getting signed well! Dad x off with a name and a kiss! How else would people know who it's from.? Lol. Dad x STARTING CONVERSATIONS WITH LONG LOST FRIENDS Where better to catch up with a friend you haven't seen in decades than on somebody else's profile picture? "CHECKING IN" AT EVERY LOCATION Back at the local shops? Having lunch at the pub? In your own living room? We don't need to know literally every location you visit! Save it for special occasions. POSTING EMBARRASSING PHOTOS With the older generation now connecting, no moment is safe from an embarrassing childhood photo popping up. The family photo album is now always on-hand and has a far larger audience! USING "THE" UNNECESSARILY The Facebook, The YouTube and The Twitter. A dramatic rebranding from the biggest social media platforms? No, just a common trend among "THE" older users! FORWARDING ON SCAM EMAILS You won't be visited by a ghost, have your account shut down or details stolen by Facebook (hopefully...) if fail to forward on a chain email. you But please don't send any money to Nigeria! SENDING LOADS OF GAME REQUESTS And we thought FarmVille was a thing of the past. Request upon request to play. Please stop sending these out! I don't want to build a pig farm. VIRUS CHECKER Think you have a virus on your computer? Did you download a "free virus checker" from a pop up telling you your computed was infected? That'll be the one... MISUNDERSTANDING INTERNET ACRONYMS Nothing suggests a misunderstanding of the digital world like signing off a text with "LOL" thinking it stands for "Lots Of Love". Bonus points if it's when offering sympathies. "LOL" HAVING AN IPOD WITH 10 SONGS ON 128 possible gigabytes to fill and yet just a single album sits in the Library. The lone bastion of a genre once forgotten, played on repeat on one iPod for the rest of time. TURNING PHONE OFF AFTER SENDING A TEXT The beauty of the digital age is that you're always connected. That is, of course, unless you turn off your phone/tablet/computer the moment you have sent a message.! BEING UNABLE TO WORK PHONE CAMERAS Despite describing where the button to press is in immense detail, the confusion still leads to 15 accidental selfies and no pictures of the intended subject matter. SHARING PERSONAL INFORMATION Facebook is the perfect place to share, but extremely personal information, antagonistic opinions, arguments, and unrequested game invites should be kept to yourself. ☺ MyBreast O0

A Grandparent's Guide To Digital Etiquette

shared by MyBreast on Apr 29
Those new to social media can often make certain mistakes in their digital etiquette! From misusing acronyms to liking their own posts, or adding 'The' in front of any and all social media platform names!


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