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Good Luck Charms From Around The World

GOOD LUCK CHARMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD SYMBOLS CAT'S EYE CADUCEUS BAMBOO In Chinese culture, the bamboo represents luck, In India, carrying a cat's eye stone is said to protect your wealth. It is believed that the stone will help shield you from unforseen business losses and help attain financial stability. The caduceus is a symbol used in Greece said to money and achievement. In feng shui, by setting a bamboo plant in the warn off sickness and bring peace to any situation. For this reason, they consider it a southeast sector of your symbol of luck. home you will increase your luck. HAMSA LADDERS HORSESHOE The hamsa is said to The Ancient Egyptians The horseshoe is a very encourage good luck and discourage the bad. It is used to place ladders in well known symbol of their tombs to help the souls of the dead towards good luck. It is believed that if you leave it pointed worn as protection against the evil eye. heaven, for this reason, the ladder now represents upwards you will keep your luck in, but if you leave it facing downward, a symbol of good luck, just be sure not to walk your luck will spill out. underneath them! ACORNS EGGS FOUR-LEAF CLOVER The English used to carry Presenting a person with One of the most famous dry acorns during the Norman Conquest to an egg is considered to be lucky as they are a symbol symbols of luck is the four leaf clover. Legend goes of fertility and rebirth. In England, presenting protect themselves from that when Eve was forced the brutalities that to leave paradise, she brought with her a four leaf clover to bring her awaited them. The acorns someone with a white egg were considered to be a is considered lucky, but a brown egg will bring both luck and happiness. symbol of luck, prosperity good luck. and power. FIGA CHARM DREAMCATCHER TUMI A figa charm is said to The tumi is a sacrificial In Native America, they believed that hanging a ceremonial axe, distinctly store up the luck that you haven't yet used. If you dreamcatcher would characterised by a break or lose the charm prevent any negative semi-circular blade. In your luck will be cut off. images entering their Peru, it is common for dreams. It soon became a people to hang Tumi on their walls or doors in common symbol for good luck and good dreams. order to bring them good luck. CARP SCALE NAZAR THE NUMBER 8 In Poland, where it is traditional to eat carp The nazar is an The Chinese will tend to use this number when eye-shaped object which is said to detract any bad on Christmas Eve, they choosing dates for energy coming towards you onto itself. It is therefore seen as a important events. The Chinese word for 'eight' will often keep the fish scales in their wallet throughout the following year to bring them prosperity and and their word for 'wealth' symbol that will bring are very similar, so they you good luck. believe this number to be good fortune. extremely lucky. ANIMALS ΜΑΝΕKΙ-ΝΕΚO FROGS PIGS Otherwise known as the When the native In German culture, pigs are Aborigines arrived in Australia, they believed that frogs brought the beckoning cat. In the said to represent wealth Japanese tradition, it is associated with happiness and prosperity. On New Years, it is traditional to and good fortune. The raised right paw stands for offer anyone you wish well a confectionery marzipan pig. thunder and rain, needed to grow their crops and good luck and wealth whilst the left brings plants. Frogs soon became a symbol of prosperity, abundance and good luck. in customers. CRICKETS ELEPHANTS RED BATS In Native America, crickets Due to their high levels of In China, the red bat is intelligence and long lives, elephants are seen to were considered to be the thought to ward of evil bringers of luck and to and is seen as a symbol of imitate its chirp was seen represent wisdom and long life and good luck. Amulets are often worn as longevity. They are considered good luck, as greatly disrespectful. lucky charms that will particularly in India where bring happiness. their god, Ganesh, is the remover of obstacles and bringer of luck. SCARABS DALA HORSE In Egypt, the scarab is believed to be a symbol Throughout the years, the Dala Horse has become a of the rising sun and well-known sign of good a protector from evil. They view them as good luck in Sweden. Many believe it to represent luck bugs which strength, faithfulness, wisdom and dignity. represent rebirth and transformation. SOURCES + REFERENCES Lottoland LOTTOLAND.COM

Good Luck Charms From Around The World

shared by danhawk on Dec 02
We've gathered 23 different good luck charms from every corner of the map, ranging from familiar charms like horseshoes and four leaf clovers, to more obscure ones such as Native American charms and a...


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