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Get your Home Ready for Halloween

THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN PARTY: GET YOUR HOME READY ORANGE and BLACK are tradieional Halloween colors. Orange represents, the Fall harvest Black represents darkness Comman HALLOUEEN ACTIUITIES Is THE THIRD BIGGEST I RICK-OR-TREATING W EARING COSTUMES AND ATTENDING COSTUME PARTIES GHOST TOURS BONFIRES APPLE BOBBING VISITING HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS COMMITTING PRANKS TELLING GHOST STORIES OR OTHER FRIGHTENING TALES WATCHING HORROR FILMS PARTY OF THE VEAR, BEHIND NEW YEAR'S EUE AND SUPER BOWL SUNDAY AND THE SECOND MOST COMMERCIALLY SUCCESFUL HOLIDAY. CHRISTMAS IS NUMBER ONE. Trick-or-treat | UNICEF TRICK REAT UNICEF Searted as a local event in a Northease Philadelphia neighborhood in 1950 and expanded naeionally in 1952, this program involves the diseribution of small boxes by schools to trick-or-treaters, in which they can solicie small-change. donations from the houses they visit UNICEF MORE THAN $118 MILLION CHILDREN HAVE COLLECTED TRICK TREAT FOR UNICEF SINCE ITS INCEPTION INVITATION IDEA NO1 PEEK A BOO!! WE HOPE TO SEE YO. AT THE MADISON FAMILY HALLOWEEN BASH JOr alerhen Speskkies Almose 99% of all pumpkins sold in America are used for Jack-0-Lanterns COLCANNON CANDY APPLES CANDIES SKULL BARMBRACK cen misseg ra long ow, dianont rear be u res in eace BONFIRE I'OFFEE CARAMEL APPLES CANDY CORM ROASTED STEET CORN PUMPKIN PIE- ROASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS SOUL CAKES Halloween candy sales average about $2Billion annyally in the U.S. INVITATION IDEA NOL C.rating Haloy's Eve unt the Haloveeg pty or apples, ealing candy, corn, COOL GADGETS wee hours of the mom! at oin, usor a FREE ENTRY the Ilanson residence USB Geek has released yet another spooky item that justifies owning a seasonal USB drive (2GB) $19 kHock knock! The Stranger Door Knocker is an old fashioned looking door with a suction cup and feaEures a motion sensor that detects anyone approaching your door. When the sensor notices motion within a certain distance, the remainder of the arm begins knocking on the door INVITATION 1DEA NOJ Lifes a witch! Join us for a Halloween party That will geare you out of your wit, Food and selung wil be provided, go bring your own spips CosTumes encouraged $15 $80 Consider dressing up your iPhone for Halloween with this Demon Silicon Series Case for hte iPhone 3G as well as the iPhone 3GS Recreate one of the most famous scenes in cinema history with this dress and giane inflaeable Kink Kong hand! INVITATION IDEA NOT BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY, BRING THE WHOLE CLAN. FOR TONIGHT WE CELEBRATE $90 THE BOOGEYMAN! The outdoor projector lets you pro ject flying images on to your house, it comes with various slides so it's not just for Halloween. Slides include deer, stars, balloons, skaters, wieches, snow flakes, baes and ghoses. WE INVITE YOUR FAMILY TO JOIN US AT OUR HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! STAUAMAE PARTY VAMPIRES, WITCHES, GHOULS AND MORE THIS IS ONE HALLOWEEN PARTY YOU WILL DIE FOR! JOIN US FOR A SPOOK-TACULAR TIME, DEVILISH DRINKS AND FRIGHTFUL FINGER FOODS WILL BE PROVIDED, COSTUMES ENCOURAGED INVITATION 1DEA NOS In 2009, Halloween costume sales exceeded $6 Billion. WINNERS! Adule oriented costumes account 62% for of those sales. RIP "GREEN" DECORATING IDEAS AN INEXPENSIVE WAY TO INCORPORATE THE ENVIRONMENT INTO VOUR HOME DECORATING SCHEME PUMPKIN PLANTER: Find a pumpkin thae is large enough to hold a potted mum or other fall flower and then carve out the inside of the pumpkin so your, plants fies neatly into the center. This is an easy and beautiful way to display the colors of fall flora. GOURD CANDLEHOLDERS: The gourds thae look like small pumpkins work really well, but other gourds that sie flae can be used as well. Carve a hole in your gourd that snuggly holds your candlestick and arrange several of them throughoue the house or as a table center piece. CORN DISPLAY: Remove kernels of Indian corn from the cob and fill the bottom of a clear vase, then arrange a display of broomcorn CORN GARLAND: Decorate your banister, and other seasonal sprigs and "plant" ihem in manele or windowsills wieh corn garland and swags. Use twist ties to connect small ears of Indian corn to raffia for a simple seasonal vase, accent. you want to boost the impace of your garland, add richly colored fall leaves and broomcorn fronds. CARVE WITHA TWIST: Instead of carving a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern try a creative twist. Leave the stem and top of the pumpkin alone and carve the large hole in the bottom of the fruit. Then clean the inside as normal. Now begin the creative part and carve symmetrical patterns on your pumpkin, leave the scary faces for your kids. Once you've finished, set your pumpkin on top of a candle or other light. To add an even bigger twist, use colored lights to illuminate your creation. 86% of Americans decorate their homes for Halloween. In 1964 Helen Pfeil of Greenlawn, New York was arrested for handing out Arsenic laced treats as a prank on teens she deemed too old for trick or treating. POISON INVITATION IDEA NO GRANULES The Werewolves will howl the vampircs will bite The witches will brcw on Hallowcen night Join us for our 4th Annual Halloween Spooktacular Fiondish food and Divine drinks will be provided ARSENIOUS AC 1-50 Grain ench. Do-One to Two Gra Prepared by VM. R. WARNER & S Market St., Philadelp HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HOME FROM HALLOWEEN PRANKS AND VANDALISM Treat visitors kindly. The biggese reason thae people tend to attack your home on Halloween is that you might be avoiding giving them candy. If you yourself to be a welcoming neighbor, you might not get vandalized. show Pretend make people think you juse aren't home. People probably, won'e aetack house if they don't think you are there. Turn off the main lights, shut the curtains and pret you are not in. If you decide to ignore trick-or-treaters, make sure 2) Lou your you aren't there. Tape up the letterbox, the only point of entry to your house. This prevents things like stink bombs, eec. you to the street, pick behind your house. This prevents drivé-by eggings. If have the choice of parking your vehicles behind your house or next 10 I SEE YOU..! YOU VANDALIZE, YOU DON'T GET CANDY! 11 8 Hide in a bush with a hose. If you see someone who is going to vandalize your house aim and fire. Also you could use a airsoft gun with low fps so it will not hurt or a watergun. Have a big dog tied up in front of your house. Be sure the leash isn't too short. 7) Seand in front of your house looking big and scary.- Put a sign or something that says something like this. 9) If you are a police officer, seay in uniform all night. Freak the pranksters out! Hide behind bushes or leave a hidden tape of you saying "I see you." Beware as this may drive people away. 11 to do the above step for you. If you have to go somewhere, ask someone who is not doing anything INVITATION 1DEA NO7 SNAKES, BATS AND WITCHES GALORE... LET'S SEE WHAT THIS H ALLOWEEN HAS IN STORE! BRING YOUR. FAMILY OVER TO OUR ALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR! SOURCES: INFO:,,, wikihow GRAPHIC STOCK AND PICS:, woman's day. FIXГ,, everyday,,,, deviant art: indigodeep (haunted house), seiyastock (halloween images and tombstone), fantasystock (hand), shudder stock (broken TV), brokenwing3dstock (graveyard entrance)

Get your Home Ready for Halloween

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The Scariest Halloween party: Get your home ready for Halloween with these tips and ideas.





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