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Get Rich By Giving More - Zakat

$$ $$$ Zakat Ever wondered how you can get richer by giving? Here we share the secret! So what's Zakat? Literal Definition: Zakat is an obligatory act ordained by God to be performed by every adult and able bodied Muslim. It is a part of the wealth and property that Muslims must pay annually, to help the poor of their community. Zakat literally means "to increase" as in growth. It also means blessing, purification and commendation. How does it benefit us? From the literal definition, Zakat is named as such for three spiritual reasons reflected in the Arabic word: 1 God promises the blessing 2 Charity "purifies" its giver of 3 Zakat may suggest 'sweetening,' implying that wealth on which Zakat has not of "growth" in the wealth of any who pay from their money and property the charity He has obliged. been duly paid remains bitter in this life and the Hereafter. sin. The basic concept: Wn Wnat must be given? ho has to give? M Muslim, adult, sane. M Possess a certain minimum amount of extra wealth, fully owned by them. M Should have had this minimum amount in possession for a complete lunar year. M The wealth should be of a productive nature, from which they can derive profit. M The minimum amount should Zakat is levied on specific assets only, identified by Islamic Law as assets having the potential for growth. Examples are: Gold & Silver Agricultural Produce Cash Livestock -2.5% Levied at the rate of 2.5% of wealth each year. 97.5% be free from debt. hen is it given? As long as there is without any decrease to zero during the year, even if it goes below the minimum ownership. A complete lunar year should pass, starting from the very day of the minimum ownership possession. Zakat is due! Minimum Ownership Zero 1 year In case of its decrease to zero, the yearly cycle starts from the day the minimum ownership becomes complete again. How is Zakat given? O Directly 2 Indirectly If one gives a deserving person some money as a gift, but makes the intention of Zakat, it will be valid. It's not necessary to reveal (to whom Zakat is given) that the cash or kind which is being given to him is Zakat. OR Through a Zakat Agency Wno will receive it? 1 Poor person 2 4 Convert There are eight groups of people on whom Zakat should be spent, as mentioned in the Holy Quran. Person of Extreme Poverty 3 Zakat Collector "SHAHADAH" 5 Slaves to be freed 7 Someone in debt 6 Traveler 8 Someone on the Path of God ISLAMO GRAPHIC.COM Sources: Zakat Foundation of America Designed by Alia Nadhirah|

Get Rich By Giving More - Zakat

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Imagine every Muslim in this world giving charity. Imagine every human being!


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