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Gesture Project

The number 1 The gesture of crossing ones fingers has been in existence since pre-Christian times. It was believed that at the intersection of the crossed fingers, which were formed with two peoples index fingers, a good willed spirit lived and that it would help to secure ones wishes. In Russia the Figa means something like "you get nothing" or "yeah right!" It is said to have come from the Tartars, they believed that if you turn it upside down it looked like a woman's genitalia. In the American Finger Alphabet though this gesture stands for the letter T. This vulgarity originates in the middle ages from English archers, who were much dreaded enemies, showing off their two death bringing bow fingers to the enemy. In Germanic history the thumb was attributed with magical powers and also called the "Lucky Thumb". Therefore its not surprising to find that in Germany people press their thumbs for good luck. The Okay gesture is also used in Europe. The Russian Figa is similarly insulting in Turkey and Greece The number 1 Traditional Chinese greeting The High Five, usually performed by two people is believed to have come out of America in the 1950's. Due to a reference in the New Testament we can Italy assume that the handshake gesture was accustomed to Romans and Greeks before the Indicates the speaker isn't bound to his promise Good Luck in Greece year zero. Our modern handshake was influenced through the Quakers in the 17th century and is used in many parts of the world as standard greeting. Good Luck Money The A-Okay sign as it is known in the us stands for Okay or 0. K. and means that everything is alright and is derived from the possibly deliberate because comical misspelling of all correct. It is also used among divers for the same meaning. Expresses Why? or patience The number 1 Good Luck or Congratulations A beckoning gesture in the Middle East. Its considered impolite to just use the index In the United Stated crossing ones fingers also stands for good luck. finger. A calming gesture to indicate patience Pointing your finger at someone in Japan is considered impolite. Call for attention The Corna a protective gesture to ward of the evil eye. The Arab equivalent to the upright middle Finger In Brazil it is believed that this gesture wards of Evil. Its also called figa but in Portuguese it means good Huck. In some African countries it is common to greet someone by clapping. Especially if its somebody important. 10'000 Miles under the Sea This gesture signals an insult and can be found in use on When scuba diving these gestures mean: vases 2'000 years old. In Brazil it represents the female genitalia. Move upwards toward sea level All is well Signaling someone thumbs up in Australia isn't a good idea unless one wants to tell Good Luck 2000 Kilometers 8 ст Insult Map colored by aproxemate language groups aprox. 25'000'000 Palms of Hands 3 inches 2000 Miles aprox. 25'000'000 Palms of Hands Other Greeting Numbers -----------. ..........

Gesture Project

shared by smombartz on Nov 07
Shows how similar gestures can have very different meanings in different countries and cultures.




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