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The Funniest Christmas Games

The F√ľnnie st Cehristmas Games REQUIRED ITEMS FACE THE COOKIE Using only the face, move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth. 3 COOKIES Prior to game start, contestants must place a cookie in the center of the forehead not touching the eyebrows. When the game starts, the players may start moving their face and head to move the cookie. The cookie must remain in contact with player's face at all times. 2 CLOCK If the cookie falls or breaks, the player starts over with an intact cookie. To win the game, the contestant must hold an intact cookie with his or her mouth first.okie. REQUIRED ITEMS ROLL WITH IT Unwind 2 rolls of toilet paper by wrapping the paper around your arms until all of the paper have been unwound. 2 TOILET PAPER Toilet paper rolls should be placed on paper over the top towards the player. bar with the The players should have the end of each roll in designated hand prior to start of game. When the clock starts, players begins to unwind both rolls with designated hand only. To win the game, player must wrap all the toilet paper on the left around his/her left hand and arm and all the toilet paper on right around his/her right hand and arm first. 2 RIBBON REQUIRED ITEMS THIS BLOWS Blow up a balloon and expel the air from it to knock cups off of a table. Set up 15 plastic cups in a row across the table. 15 CUPS When the game starts, players may grab the balloon and begin to blow it up. Players may only knock cups off the table by using air from the balloon and must always stay on 1 side of the table. If the player makes physical contact with the cup, the game is over. BALLOON To complete the game, the player must knock all cups off of the table using only the air from the balloon first. REQUIRED ITEMS JUNK IN THE TRUNK Wiggle a box that is attached to your waist filled with ping-pong balls until the box is empty. 8 PING-PONG BALS Fill the tissue box with ping-pong balls, then attach tissue box to the back of the belt. Put on the belt with the tissue box sitting at the small of the back. When the clock starts, player may begin moving body to shake the ping-pong balls out. / Player's hands or arms may not touch the box or belt. 1 BELT Player may only touch the floor with his or her feet. To win the game, player must get all 8 ping-pong balls out of the box first. 1 EMPIT TISSUE BOX TOP NETSEC

The Funniest Christmas Games

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Infographic about most funniest Christmas games - Face the Cookie, Roll with It, This Blows, Junk in the Trunk.


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